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Back at Privé!
Sunday, August 23, 2015.

So it has been almost a year since I last did my first fillers with Privé
and I absolutely trust them with this 
as they are extremely professional and their service is very commendable. 
That is why I decided to head back to Privé for some touch ups.  

I visited their new outlet this time at The Chevron House
and it was even more quick, efficient and hassle free! 
There was almost no waiting time, the whole procedure was completed in about 45 mins.
30 mins for the numbing cream + 15 mins for the jabs
and tadah, you can get more defined features just like that :D 

I used Radiesse again this time as I was satisfied with the results it gave me previously.
Radiesse provides both instant results and new collagen formation for long-lasting results
that can last up to a year! 
It is also a soft calcium mineral filler
so it gives more definition and volume
compared to other fillers that are made of Hyaluronic Acid. 

Also, it's better to do your touch ups with the same type of filler
so the formulas don't mix. 

And just as simple as that, I've got a slightly higher nose bridge 
and a 'U' shaped chin :) 

Pic: Right after I got my fillers done, almost no down time or swelling at all! 
I even went out to meet a couple of friends for dinner right after. 

What I love about the New Privé Vitale Outlet is: 

It is Economical 
Their treatments are priced affordably without having your safety compromised.

It is Effective 
With trained doctors that only use FDA-approved technology 
you won't have to worry about not seeing any visible results after treatments.

It is Efficient 
Time is money and you wouldn't want any of your precious time to be wasted,
you can even pop-by during your lunch breaks to get your treatments done!
That's how efficient they are :) 

30 Raffles Place
Chevron House




#privevitale #bebeautifulwithVitale

Touch-up time with Browtisan!
Thursday, August 20, 2015.

Back to my favorite Brow Embroidery place - Browtisan
as the tips of my embroidery were fading (but still going strong)
But because I'll be away from Singapore for 5 months,
I figured out I needed to get it touched-up before my long haul to USA. 

So let's first begin this post with a throwback to my pathetic brow days: 

Before Coco (owner of Browtisan) found me and saved my brows.
My brow game was not strong at all, in fact looking back, it was sad…
It's not that I didn't have brow hair or whatsoever, 
it's that my brow was in a mess and I didn't know how to shape or draw them well.
They looked like a child took a marker and drew them on me. 

Coco offered to do a session of embroidery for me 
as she noticed that my brows were suffering under my care.

10 months after my first embroidery with Browtisan,
I'm glad to say that I'm still very satisfied with the results
and get a lot of people asking me for brow advice
and where I got my brows done.

As you can see that my raw brows still look very natural and existent,
just that the embroidery color has faded over time.
As the ink only sits on the surface of the skin
and will shed away along with your natural skin renewing process
but fret not, it lasts up to 2 years! 

The plastic foil over my brows prevents the numbing cream from drying up,
so the numbing cream is more effective. 
Great for pain whimpers like myself.  

After designing the perfect brow for you,
which I have to compliment Coco for being ever so meticulous.
To her, every strand counts and makes a difference,
so she will not stop working on your brow design until she feels that
it's 100% perfect for you. 

This time, she designed a slightly thicker brow shape for me,
as she noticed that I liked my brows thick. 
She also said that my features compliment the thick brow look
and having thicker brows would make on look younger.
What do you guys think? 

Overall, the process was quick and almost pain free 
(except the part where Coco has to reapply the numbing cream)
It is all in all very bearable and definitely worth the results.
I don't even need to draw my brows on anymore! 

Another satisfied trip to Browtisan :) 
Thank you Browtisan!!!

Call and make your appointment in advance
as they are always packed and fully booked!


402 Orchard Road
#03-17 Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876

6235 2355





Getting my face on with Faux Fayc [AD]
Saturday, August 8, 2015.

I've been a fan of Faux Fayc ever since it launched in 2014.
Faux Fayc is a local edgy makeup brand that in my opinion,
is not for the faint-hearted as it is loud, bold and definitely makes a statement.  
That is exactly what I love about makeup!
Faux Fayc will bring out your personality, character and alter ego. 

So in this review, I'll be going through mainly 3 of their best selling products: 
1) Fauxless Mattifying Mousse Foundation
2) Fauxlash Mascara Duo
3) Fauxstix Matte Liquid

First up! 
Fauxless Mattifying Mousse Foundation
Retail price: SGD$52

I'm always excited to try out a new foundation
as you will never know how a product will fair on your skin. 
This foundation promises a matte and smooth finish
with a medium coverage. 

It comes off as a mousse like texture,
almost dessert like pudding.
But applies smoothly and velvety to your face. 
It's matte finish is great for people with combination/oily skin
who wish to reduce shine and stay matte all day! 

It is also non-comedogenic which doesn't clog pores
and suitable for people with acne prone skin. 

It comes in 3 shades:
Bleach, Naked and Baked
(I'm using their lightest shade Bleach in all the pictures below) 

Next up, Fauxlash Mascara Duo
Retail price: SGD$38

Probably their most popular product till date
simply because it gives you the dramatic lashes you desire
without having to put on falsies! 
I mean who would believe that at first right… 
So I really had to try it out myself. 

Surprisingly, it isn't like your usual 1 tube mascara
as it comes in 2 steps. 
The Transplanting Gel and then the Natural Fibres. 

First you have to apply a coat of your own favorite mascara to prep your lashes
for the Fauxlash Mascara. 
After the first coat of mascara has dried, 
you can then proceed to apply The Transplanting Gel generously 
followed by the Natural Fibres which will stick onto your lash and build length and volume. 
The length and volume are buildable 
so just repeat the steps until you are satisfied with your lashes! 

On the left: Just using 1 coat of my normal mascara 
On the right: After 2 coats of Fauxlash 

Fauxlash achieves at least 300% increase in your lashes
length and thickness *whooop* 

and if you're afraid that removal will be a chore,
this mascara easily washes off with luke warm water
or simply use your usual makeup remover. 

The next product which I really loved was their 
Fauxstix Matte Liquid
Retail price: SGD$35

Fauc Fayc gave me 3 colors to try out
and after testing them out I'm certain I want 
all 8 of their range of colors :D 

What's so great about these lip colors are that they all have a 
high impact matte finish and are extremely long-wearing. 

Furthermore, these lip click pen applicator is really easy to use
and you can control the amount of product coming out from the tube
so there is absolutely no wastage. 

The colors do not feather and are light weight in texture.
However, if you have really dry lips
remember to moisturize your lips first before applying these matte colors! 

Now I'll let the pictures do the talking: 

Wearing a hot pink color named RAID,
Fauxless Mattifying Mousse Foundation
and Fauxlash Mascara Duo (no falsies!) 

This color is a gem as it as micro gold shimmer/glitter in it's creamy texture
which gives your lip and extra oohmp along with a mysterious feel.
Go dark or go home hunnies!

Every girl needs a perfect red lip 
and WOLF achieves just that! 
Been loving this matte red 
and I really don't have any complains about it.
5/5 stars! 

and for all those peeps who
aren't about the vavavoom kinda makeup 
or ain't digging girls who enjoy dolling up,
I'll leave you with this quote: 


Use the code
to get a discount! 

So run along and get Faux Fayced right naooooo:





Olaplex Experience
Monday, August 3, 2015.

When my hair starts to look like hay,
I know it's time to make a visit to 

2-3 months of neglect
because I honestly do not take much care of my hair 

My stylist, Chester
recommended me to try out Olaplex 
a new product for hair treatment, whilst coloring.  

Olaplex helps repair damage hair by linking broken disulfide bonds.
Therefore making the hair stronger. 
It's a great treatment to use especially if you dye your hair frequently
or like to go for extreme colors that would result in hair damage. 
By using Olaplex, before or during the chemical process
it would make your hair healthier, stronger, shinier and help the color last longer. 
Great for those people who are extremely afraid of hair damage! 

Chester added more highlights into my hair
and used the Olaplex treatment by mixing it into the bleach. 
So my hair was being colored and treated at the same time. 

We opted for a cold brown color this time round
which is pretty easy to maintain!

 My hair did not feel dry or damaged from the chemicals :) 

Yay to soft, bouncy hair! 

Salondechoix also provides styling services
for any special events or dates you have! 
I decided to try it out
for the 1965 movie premiere gala
and I totally digged the look they designed for me :) 

The Salon is located in a convenient area in town 
Just behind Orchard Central:
3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1
Near KPO

Visit: www.salondechoix.com
Call: +65 68362959
Email: reservation@salondechoix.com
for reservations
Opening Hours: 10:30am - 8:30pm daily

Just mention my name 'Nicole Chang Min'
to get a 15% discount 
The person responsible for all my hair magic is Chester Soh (: 
Instagram: @salondechoix

Monday, July 27, 2015.

Hurray! Singaporean fans of PasJel now have a reason to rejoice! PasJel is now available through www.pasjelbabyskin.sg – the Exclusive Authorized Distributor of PasJel products in

PasJel is a skincare brand that was first established in Thailand in 2013, and expanded into the region during August the same year due to huge popularity. Pasjel currently has 13 different product variants in its product range, catering to different needs such as whitening, anti-acne, anti-ageing, blemish removal etc.

PasJel recently sent me 4 of their products to test and try out 
and I was immediately captivated by their
cute packaging and concept of their products! 

Read on to find out more:

The products I chose are as follows: 

1) PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub
2) PasJel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream
3) PasJel Fluffy Favour Multifunctional Cream
4) PasJel Oh My Egg Pink Acne Formula

PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub
PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub effectively removes the dull skin layer and nourishes the fresh layer with nourishing, moisturizing and brightening ingredients to bring out your baby skin! Aloe barbadensis leaf extract locks in moisture and prevents moisture loss effectively while caviar extract infuses your skin with the needed amino acids for soft, supple and toned skin.

I personally love body scrubs and use them often,
PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub smells awesome 
and gently exfoliates the skin leaving it moisturized after! 

Simply scrub the scrub all over your body
and leave it on for 10 - 15 minutes before taking a shower.
It relieves and refreshes your skin. 
You can use it 2 - 3 times a week to keep your skin looking soft, supple and toned.  

PasJel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream
PasJel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream is a highly effective skin smoothening and brightening cream formulated to treat acne, blackheads, whiteheads, melasma, freckles and other form of skin discoloration and scarring caused by acne. The combination of Salicylic Acid, Allium Cepa Extract, Rice Callus Stem Extract and Tranexamic Acid ensures total acne control in just 1 week.

You spend long hours sleeping at night
so why not treat your skin while you are asleep?
Sleep through and wake up with better skin, 
Simply apply a thin layer onto your face before you head to bed at night. 

It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky 
but instead smooth and smelling fruity :) 

It helps reduce pimples and freckles
with regular usage to help achieve smoother baby skin. 

PasJel Fluffy Favour Multifunctional Cream
PasJel Fluffy Favour Multifunctional Cream is the best alternative there is to Botox without the ouch! Formulated with Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Extract to bring back the skin’s lost tone & elasticity with each use. Intensive hydrating ingredients ensure that your skin is moisturized, soft, supple & smooth, preventing wrinkles & fine lines, treat and prevent symptoms of sun damage and skin ageing.

It is important to start anti-aging young 
as your skin is constantly aging!

I applied PasJel Fluffy Favour Multifunctional Cream
on my face and noticed that it smoothened out skin
and my skin really felt younger! 

It also has a pleasant floral scent, 
you can use it as a daily moisturizer.  

 The last product I was excited to try out was 
PasJel Oh My Egg Pink Acne Formula

PasJel Oh My Egg Pink Acne Formula is a highly effective skin smoothening and brightening soap with a combination of egg white and tea tree oil extract to clean your skin from bacteria and dirt which are the causes of acne.

I love how cute this Acne bar of soap is shaped 
and fits perfectly into the palms of my hands.

It lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling
clean and not oily after washing. 
Best part of it is that it can be used for your whole body,
so it's really good for people who also have body acne :)  
Highly Recommend! 

  PasJel Singapore (www.pasjelbabyskin.sg) is offering a limited time offer as part of the product launch in Singapore. Offers last up to 31st August 2015 23:59hrs.

Quote "NICOLEC5" for a 5% off minimum purchase of $30, 
or “NICOLEC10” for a 10% off minimum purchase of $50!

 All products by PasJel Singapore at www.pasjelbabyskin.sg are 100% safe, free from harmful ingredients and steroid free. PasJel is also FDA approved, GMP certified and HSA Singapore compliant.

Please be aware of other unauthorized sellers of PasJel products in Singapore as there have been reports of imitation PasJel products in the market!

Overall, I've been loving all the products sent to me by PasJel
check them out for more products that will suit your needs: 




Bring Back Your Baby Skin Today!

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