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Friday, June 1, 2018.

Watch now for my full experience of ordering a box mattress!

If you guys didn’t know by now, I gave my room a little makeover and finally got the bed of my dreams! Swapped by old super single bed with this majestic queen sized bed from Noa Sleep and I’m living each day with no regrets :D Here I picked out the Noa Sunrise Bed and Noa Mattress. 

Getting my hands on my new bed was super easy as I simply ordered it online and it was delivered to my doorstep within 3-4 days with no delivery charge. The best way to know whether you’ll like a mattress is to sleep on it. Therefore, Noa provides the risk-free 100 night trial. If the mattress is just not right for you, you can simply let them know and they will coordinate a free pickup no questions asked. So I had no worries at the back of my head as I knew if the mattress wasn’t to my liking, I could simply return it and get my money back J

Some facts about the Noa Mattress that may benefit you in your mattress selection process:

            ● The Noa mattress combines 100% natural latex, cooling memory foam and supportive pocket springs.
            ●  It’s a medium-firm mattress made for all body types and sleeping positions. 
            ● Based on my research, many foam only mattresses typically retain heat, create a sinking-like feeling, lack bounce and proper support. In contrast, the hybrid design which blends both premium foam and responsive springs makes the Noa truly special.
            ● The mattress is made using OEKO TEX® and REACH certified materials. 
            ● The support layer of pocket springs optimizes airflow which keeps you cool all night. 
            ● The gel infused memory foam layer provides outstanding motion isolation for zero      partner disturbance. No need to worry about your partner moving during the night. 

So far, it’s been 2 weeks since I did my bed swap and I have no complaints! Glad to have discovered Noa Sleep and got a chance to try out their products. Sleep gets so much better with comfortable bedding and my pal and I are truly enjoying it J

For more details visit: https://www.noasleep.com

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Achieve Perfectly Hydrated Skin with Lululun Moist Gel Cream
Friday, March 16, 2018.

Fresh out of the oven and newly launched exclusively at Watsons stores, your all time favourite daily masking brand is back with a dainty moisturizer! By now, you all must be familiar with the No. 1 selling Japanese facial sheets Lululun, that took the internet and stores by storm. If you enjoyed that, I’m sure you’ll be interested in this new product I’ll be sharing about today. On first impressions, this sturdy light pink frosted glass tub fits right into the palm of my hand topped with a sleek embossed aluminium cover which compliments each other oh-so-visually. This tub contains a generous amount of product (80g) which will surely last you for quite sometime.

Inside the tub sits a bouncy fluffy like textured cream waiting anxiously to be used. A whiff of fresh and light floral citrusy scent can be picked up immediately once the jar is opened. Upon sticking a spatula or your fingers in to grab some product you’ll realise the consistency somewhat mimics a moist soft mochi and the product almost seems weightless like whipped cream. Lululun’s Moist Gel Cream contains Micro Gel structure technology which encapsulates beauty essence in a gel like form. Although it feels like a gel it is actually a cream.

The gel cream is semi-translucent and seems vey eager to be absorbed into the skin once the product comes into contact with the skin’s surface. Diving deeper into understanding Lululun’s Moist Gel Cream, there are 3 main beauty ingredients that are combined for healthy, firm, and glowing skin in this product:

For Repair and Regeneration
Passion fruit seed essence (maracuyá) is extracted via cold press from passion fruit seeds (maracuyá) The fruit is collected in the Amazon and is full of nutrients such as tocopherol and beta carotene that support the skin’s ability to reduce scars and regenerate.

Barrier Function
Natural extract derived from microorganisms native to French Polynesia that create the barrier component EPS (extracellular polysaccharide). This ingredient has an antioxidant effect, enhancing the barrier function of the skin to protect from UV rays, and suppress damage by free radicals.

Long-term Moisture and Anti-inflammation
Obtained from the cactus plant, the cactus extract contains high moisturizing effect that lasts whole day even after washing with water. The extract is an elastic and glossy component that has a calming effect on skin inflammation. How great is that!

How To Use
Step 1: Cleanse your face and put on Lululun Daily Mask for 10 minutes
Step 2: Remove mask and apply Lululun Moist Gel to entire face
Step 3: Massage gel into your skin

I personally love the texture and scent of the Lululun Moist Gel Cream. It’s super lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving my skin looking smooth and hydrated. Fine lines are visibly reduced and dry patches are soothed. What’s interesting is that this gel cream leaves a cooling sensation on my face thus I feel fresh and awakened after each application. My skin is left looking glowing, dewy and healthy with no sticky residue. You can choose to use it below your makeup in the day by applying a thin layer to moisturize your skin prior makeup. I find that it helps my makeup last longer and look less cakey. During the night, if you’re looking to replenish moisture into your skin after a long day, consider using the product more generously as an overnight mask before you head to bed J This product is suitable for dry to combination skin and works well in Singapore’s weather!

If you’re looking for something affordable (and cute), lightweight and packed with goodness for your skin, remember to grab yours today at your nearest Watsons before they get swept off the shelves!

For a limited time only, receive a FREE packet of Lululun Hydrating Face Mask (worth $7.90) with seven sheets of masks inside when you purchase the Lululun Moist Gel Cream ($29.90) valid till 28th March 2018. Be beautiful, stay hydrated and get glowing

Explore the links below for more details:
Website – http://lululun.com

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