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D.I.Y - Making Slime + Popsicles
Sunday, July 17, 2016.

Trying out some latest D.I.Y trends as we get our hands dirty, slimy and sticky together! 
**disclaimer: This is not a tutorial, we are not trained professionals**
But it was a lot of fun :)

Slime Ingredients:
1) Easy On Spray Starch
2) Clear/White Glue
3) Food Colouring
4) Glitter 

Chocolate Banana Popsicle:
1) Chocolate Milk
2) Riped Bananas
3) Chocolate bits
4) Nuts

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicle: 
1) Full Cream Milk
2) Condensed Milk
3) Strawberries
4) Shortcake / Cookies

Grace @chewyanyan

James @jamesseah

For collaborations/business 
email nicolechangmin@gmail.com

Till next time x

My Acne Experience
Sunday, July 10, 2016.

So, I've thought quite long when will be the right time to release this post. Just because I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to show this 'side' of me to the internet. Everyone has insecurities and the media now demands so much perfection from an individual it gets pressurising if one happens to fall below the bar. But after my long battle with hormonal acne, till the progress I've made with my skin today. I felt like it's only right I share my experience to help any other person who is going through stubborn acne.

My case started around a year ago, when I started to discover little bumps forming at the side of my face. These little bumps seemed harmless at first but oddly, they did not go away but instead started to 'erupt' and get worse, spreading from the bottom of my jaw upwards. It was weird because for my whole life, I never had any acne issues, the most I would get was 1 or 2 breakouts when my period was around the corner. These pimples would easily go away with a dosage of OXY10. Did you know that breakouts at different areas means different things? 

I started to do some research on the possible factors causing my sudden breakouts as I did not do any major changes to my diet or products I'm using. Therefore, after cross referencing multiple sources, hormonal acne was the number one suspect. I tried tons of acne products and even resorted to antibiotics but none of them really worked. The antibiotics just made me feel sick and ill. 

After much consideration, I decided to pay Simplistiq Aesthetic Clinic a visit, as they seemed to be pretty experienced in this field of acne. I was introduced to Dr. Yz Tan and he suggested that the Q-switch laser would help me with my current condition. At this point, I was willing to try anything to make these awful bumps go away. Dr. Tan was very approachable and clear with the procedure which made me feel at ease with every following visit. One memorable phrase, was when he said:

"I will definitely heal your skin"

with such confidence, I was like o0 sure or not for a moment 
but after looking at the results from the past 5 laser sessions
I'm sure he wasn't pulling my leg. 

so depressing overtime I see it, can't believe my face was like that, gosh. 

Q-switch laser is not magic, you won't get perfect skin in one session. Several sessions would be needed depending on your skin type, once every 3 weeks for optimal results. Each session lasts for about 15 - 30 mins and the laser feels like tiny zaps or rubber band snapping (as Dr. Tan describes it) 

Pain/discomfort level: 3.5/10

Your skin will look a little flushed after each session but the redness will quickly go away in approximately 1 day. It lightens existing blemishes and kills the bacteria that cause acne. So it's been about 6 months since my first laser and looking back, I'm pretty impressed with my progress. Images below: no makeup, no edit.
I just took this picture this morning when I woke up as a reference for my progress and I was like Woah, not bad leh. No more huge cyst filled acne and all I'm left with are faint blemishes that are 20% visible. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Even James said, my skin condition has improved. So happy. 

Also, do note that this progress is also achieved by eating right, good skin care and being healthy. I've been taking extra good care of my skin and trying to eat right and hydrate!! 

If you're interested to try out this procedure, 
you can get your first trial at $50 :) 

Feel free to ask me any questions on my acne journey. 

Find out more information on Simplistiq 



6634 4033

- Skin First, Makeup Second -

Testing my dogs' intelligence
Friday, July 8, 2016.

Always wanted to know how smart my furkids were,
chanced upon this mini test on the wide internet 
and decided to give it a whirl, spontaneously documenting 
the process of the test out! 

Pretty, surprised how it turned out because
on most days, Milky would be the super obedient, smart and 
all rounder dog and Rocket would just be a handful, 
almost like a mischievous 3 year old kid running around. 

Nevertheless, it's always a joy hanging out with them
and I always ask myself, what did humans do right to deserve 
such loving and loyal companions :,)

Fun Facts: 
1) Papillon ranks 8 overall on the breed intelligence ranking, 
while a Dachshund ranks 49

2) Dachshunds are known to be the top 10 naughtiest and stubborn dogs

3) Petting and interacting with a furry animal can reduce stress 

Off to pet my dawgs - over & out x 

PANTONE Inspired Makeup Look

Who else is totally diggin' this year's PANTONE colour of the year? ME! Came up with a playful look to feature these 2 colours and had so much fun filming this tutorial, enjoy~ x 

Products Featured:
1) Lorac Eye Primer
2) Laneige Summer Palette
3) Givenchy Liner Couture 
4) MUFE Colour Correcting Primer 
5) Sephora Airbrush Foundation - Fair
6) Dior Rosy Glow
7) Clinique Blended Face Powder
8) Colourpop Brow, Lip Satin, Highlight 
9) NARS Steven Klein 

Stay Gorg x
Lightening Up with SDC
Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Bye Bye Brunette~

It's been almost a year since I've gone light,
and I thought it would be a good time
to lighten up as my hair has 'rested' for a long enough time.

Bidding my last moments with dark hair away

Bleaching can be pretty damaging to your hair,
and to keep your hair in tip top condition. 
Olaplex is added to the mixture to strengthen and repair your hair bonds
while it is chemically processing. 
Olaplex is also known as liquid gold! Because it's so precious and effective. 

Hey Blondie
'Baking' my hair
Surprisingly, bleaching at Salon De Choix has never hurt,
my scalp does not burn and neither does it feel itchy during & after bleaching. 
I have heard so many horror stories about the bleaching process
but luckily I have never experienced any thanks to being in the good hands of SDC. 
Also, this time I requested the bleach to be 0.5cm away from my scalp
as I did not want the chemicals to seep into my scalp causing any chances of hair loss or whatsoever. 
(just being preventive and paranoid heh)

The end results are like so, 
Chester toned my hair slightly darker with a ash brown base color.

Along with pink and coral highlights.

The Salon is located in a convenient area in town 
Just behind Orchard Central:
3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1
Near KPO

Visit: www.salondechoix.com
Call: +65 68362959
Email: reservation@salondechoix.com
for reservations
Opening Hours: 10:30am - 8:30pm daily

Just mention my name 'Nicole Chang Min'
to get a 15% discount 
The person responsible for all my hair magic is Chester Soh (: 
Instagram: @salondechoix

20% off 
all hair treatments

Saturday, June 4, 2016.

Watch my recommendations for this month: 

Back with another favs video, filled with products I've been dying to share with you dolls. Any of these could really be a life saver, a game changer. 

1) Like this video 
2) Subscribe + Follow my instagram @nicolechangmin
3) Tag 2 friends on the giveaway picture on my insta
4) For higher chance of winning, comment on this video too
5) Winner will be picked and contacted by yours truly :)

Contest ends: 20th June 2016 

Products featured: 
1) Philosophy - Just Release Me 
2) Tsubaki - Hair Water 
3) Peter Thomas Roth - Toning Complex 
4) ColourPop - Ultra Satin Lippie in Magic Wand 
5) Optrex Eye Lotion 
6) Mac Vibe Tribe Collection Summer 2016 
7) Makeup International Auto Curler 

Where I Get My Lenses
Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

A lot of people have asked and are asking me where I get my contact lenses from
and what lenses am I wearing. It's pretty simple and straight forward actually, just keep scrolling :) 

I usually stick to a few brands and colours because
my eyes are comfortable with these so far and I'm kinda afraid to try 'Shady' brands out there. 
Here I have the Freshlook dailies in Grey. 

I feel that these lenses give my eyes just the right amount of ohmp
and the colours blend out really nicely. 
They don't really enlarge your pupils and that's actually what I like about them
as I don't really fancy the 'bug eyed' look. 

My next go to favourite would be the
FreshKon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown. 
I always find myself going back to these lenses as not only are they pretty comfortable, 
the subtle brown enhances my eyes and these are one of the first cosmetic lenses I've tried on. 
Fell in love with them ever since.  

Slightly enlarging but gives your pupils a really natural looking brown.
 Opt for dailies if you prefer a more hygienic and hassle free wear :) 

These contacts were purchased from 


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