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ADV- sunsilk hair fall solution
Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

 So as promised, I'm back! 
You guys must be wondering what is in this lovely purple handbag
I was curious as well (:
and to my pleasant surprise it was a Hair Fall Kit sent by Sunsilk !

I mean I'm totally in love with the handbag packaging 
Would even carry it out man. 

 So what lies within are quite a splendid handfull 
- Sunsilk Hair Fall Shampoo
- Sunsilk Hair Fall Conditioner
- Sunsilk Hair Fall Serum 
- Mini Hair Curling Tongs
- Mini Hair Straightener
- Assorted Hair Acessories 

All you ever need! 

 I love the serum the most
The shampoo froths up to a lovely bubbly foam 
The conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth 
and all of them smell awesome! 
Now your boyfriend can bury his face in your hair and I betcha he'll love it too ;D 

The styling tools are just tooooo adorable
Helloooo it's PINK 
You can't go wrong with pink. 
Small and handy great for traveling and bringing around (: 

I have hair fall issues okay, 
Like when I shower, the hair collected after is terrifying 
I initially wanted to post a pic of it, but I guess it would be too gross
So I'll just leave it to your imagination 

It it said that an average human drops 80-100 strands of hair a day
That's probably exactly why people grow bald ._. 
I mean even chickens don't reproduce that fast...

Sunsilk's New Hair Fall Kit prevents hair fall by 10 times
I've never actually heard of shampoo that helps with hair fall from the root 
most of them just tackle hair breakage
but this one tackles the problem at the root 
like nipping the issue at the bud.
So far I'm loving it ^^

They have a competition going on and the prizes are amazing balls
(I took part myself too heh) 

Simply visit their facebook page for more details

Each week, the top 3 entries based on votes will win an exclusive Sunsilk Hair Styling Tool Kit that includes the new Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution set worth SGD$150
Sunsilk will select the top 3 winners at the end of the Challenge. Each winner will win a fabulous Girls’ Night Out package at W Singapore worth SGD$1,500 for her and two of her best friends. The prize includes a 1-night stay at W Singapore and amazing spa and dining vouchers from W Singapore!

Walao, W hotel leh. 

So what are you waiting for, start styling your hair
snap a pic 
and tadah!
You're on your way to winning 
Sounds like a plan right. 

The current challenge is the chopstick hairstyle which closes on the 6th Nov 
The entire contest ends officially on 17th November! 

Don't say I never tell you (; 

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