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Saturday, November 30, 2013.


So I was invited to this event by ECLECTICISM X MBLJ
Eclecticism is a multi-label boutique for stylish women
and Lauren Jasmine is a new concept store which allows you to Eat, Shop and Drink
all at the same time! 
These two brands have come together to launch a NEW store at WHEELOCK PLACE 
and have brought Australian brands in.
Which I think is extremely exciting because it's making our world more internal and increasing our shopping choices. 

I've always loved Australian style, like their easy, breezy beautiful chic clothing.
When I was young, I was a Ripcurl/Roxy girl 
But I slowly outgrew the surfer girl in me and forgot about Australian fashion until
this event reminded me that, there's a whole Australian fashion world out there! 

They have brought 5 brands in mainly: 
1) Mink Pink 
2) Stylestalker 
3) Cameo
4) Finders Keepers
5) Keepsake 

So let me bring you through how the event went (: 

My Makeup of the Day (MOTD)
Going for a stronger bronzey eye look with pale pink lips

Arriving at the cafe/store, it is located in a cozy storehouse on 47 Amoy Street 
My inner indie kid is already screaming 

I love tucked away stores like this, just waiting to be explored 

The store was filled with clothes at all 3 levels
I was spoilt for choices! 
Simply a hidden gem (: 

So by the courtesy of the event and their Director Hazel Chang
I could pick out 2 outfits that I fancied from the MINKPINK Collection 
and honestly, this is the brand I loved the most from the 5
You'll find out why if you continue reading~ 

After scrummaging through all their clothes, trying and fitting
I finally picked this black leather tube dress
(which comes with detachable straps)
I call it a convertible dress *grins*

What I liked about this was that it was extremely fitting
It hugged me like it was made for me 
Those who don't know, I'm pretty petite
Clothes usually don't fit me, so when I find something in my size
I go crazy happy nuts and say 'I gotta have you baby.'

MINKPINK has sizes from XS-L
so small girls like me can praise hallelujah 
You know how annoying it is when you find a certain design that you want 
and they don't have your size. 
That didn't happen to me in this store :D 
XS Galore

 That's their lookbook model wearing the exact same dress, spicing it up with a belt. 
This piece is extremely versatile.
You can easily choose to dress it up or down.
Throw on a denim jacket and you're ready to hit the town, 
Add some accessories and it'll look like a gown (: 

 Met up with my long lost girls at the event too 
Michelle (Middle) is also wearing MINKPINK 
I told her she looks stunning (: 

They had instant pics you could print out after snapping your pic.
 So there's no reason not to camwhore. 

Think MINKPINK does a good job designing their little black dresses
Mayshella here is also dressed in one! 
You gotta see the back detail for her's cause it's a V cutting straight down 
Looks Classy alright. 

Kenken also dropped by, so nice of him (:

Unique sunnies for sale

 Told you, you would be spoilt for choice (: 
Everyone needs a statement piece of shadys
on days they don't feel like facing the world 
or simply when the sun is too glaring. 

 The event also consisted of an Auction 
where all proceeds go towards the Breast Cancer Awareness
and starting bid prices are at 80% of the actual price.
What a steal ;)

 Trying on another blingbling piece from the collection 
Great for Christmas, dinners or the night life 
Head turning piece.

 Another set that I tried on:
Black stretchy mesh top
with high waisted pink metallic print shorts
I really adore the shorts, super comfy 
100% no wedgies 

 So here's other pieces that I fell in love with
To me the vibe of this brand is a little like Topshop
But it's like everyone wears Topshop and I'm always on the lookout for unique clothes 
therefore this fits the bill perfectly.

 Love cutouts, they add a edge of fun to any outfit 

 That's the black mesh top I tried on eariler 

 This Gold x Black Mesh Maxi dress caught my eye

 and the disco blouse I wore earlier too 

Absolutely adore the two dresses shown above, gotta have them D: 
Get what I mean?
The style of this brand is very me 

Plus they have swimsuits too
I got one monokini for myself
Can't wait to wear it to the poooooolllllll ;DD

 Adding the translucent midriff portion is perfect for girls who are a little shy but 
still wanna show some skin off. 
Adds a tinge of mysteriousness keke.

 Love the cutting in the bralet bikini,
gives the usual bikini a modern twist. 

So this is how the store's interior looks like on a day to day basis (:

You can visit them here to find out more: 

Feel free to ask me any questions via my ask.fm/nicolechangmin
If you want to find out more 
In case I missed out anything (: 

Thank you once again 
It was great being a part of your event

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