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Montigo Getaway
Saturday, November 23, 2013.


You Gotta Go.

view from the rooftop

First time kinda blogging more about my personal life instead of my vlogs.
Let's see how this goes (: 

Early Morning taking the ferry,
If you easily get sea sick do remember to bring along your motion sickness meds!! 
Or else...

15 mins later-
Just fall asleep.

Finally reached the resort, feeling all eggcited
waiting to check into our villas

Exploring the place, most pics here have no filter! Can you believe that??
Luckily the weather was good. 
In Singapore it must be like raining everyday. 

Caught this little cheeky monkey snapping pics of the resort
Risking his life. Okay not really, he'll probably just fall into the pool if all else goes wrong.

And the Havoc Begins :O
Victim of many pool dumpings. 

Trying to do a Water Advertisement, lol. 

 Ni Hao

 Taking a hot soak after the cold swim. 
Best feeling ever, hot baths.
But it takes forever to fill this bath tub.

 The next day we were greeted warmly with a full circle rainbow. 
Isn't it sooo prettaye? 
First time ever seeing a full rainbow. 
I'm glad. 

 Pool side BBQ, don't even need to get out from the water to eat. 

 Asswipe decided to wash his hair... errr okayyy

 Best thing about staying at such places is always the breakfast spread (:
Never fail to stuff myself

Donut 1

 Donut 2
Then I got lazy snapping pictures because the food was too distracting. 

 The other side of the resort and the bar.
Para para paradise~

And that's about all I have for you guys, wanted to film a video initially 
but when I got back I realized I didn't have enough footage
and that would result in a boring ass video
plus I forgot to bring my waterproof cam :( 
So I hope this would wet your appetite enough to tempt you to go on a vacation (; 

More pictures on my instagram @nicolechangmin
Off to enjoy the rest of my day 
Cheerios n_n

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