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Saturday, December 21, 2013.

Okay, so it has been a long, fruitful and fulfilling trip with Gushcloud to Boracay
I'm not the best story teller, or photographer
but what you'll see below are snippets of my 4 days spent with
new wonderful people that I met (: 

So at the start, I was really nervous going on this trip as I barely knew anyone there!
I felt so gangsta and ballsy putting myself in such a foreign environment
but I felt the need to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone 
and try something new, to go on an Adventure...

And I'm super glad I did it and you'll find out if you make it through this lengthy post (: 

Arriving at Changi Airport everyone was gathered around with their luggages
waiting to check in, I was pretty panicky you could see it all over my face.
I told my mom who sent me to the airport and had breakfast with me
that I don't know how to make it through the 4 days, I'm worried. 
and she said,' I'm only as great as my emotions are and what I allow myself to feel.'
BAM I decided to snap out of it and make the best out of it.  

We took the direct flight to Kalibu, kindly sponsored by Tigerair 

Upon landing, I already could tell we were approaching paradise as just look at those cumulus clouds!
We never get to see clouds so clear and crisp and fluffy in Singapore.

Roseanne was probably the only other blogger I knew on the trip at that point of time 
We were in the same shoes trying to get to know everyone, 
their names, what they do, etc
It was nice meeting her again after we attended a makeup event together
She's an awesome fellow makeup guru who does Youtube videos too!
Always excited to meet people with the same interests ^^

On the plane I sat beside Serene and the Tigerair representative
(which I didn't manage to snap a pic with D:) 
We chatted off really well and I felt like things were off to a great start
Serene owns her own clothing store shared with Tricia
Their designs are great :D 

Tips to note while traveling long hours: 
1) Try to pick the plane seat that you prefer 
If you like sitting near the window just go for it, 
for the first plane ride, we got the back seats right next to the toilet
It wasn't that comfortable as our seats could not be pushed back and people kept moving up and down to use the washroom which in turn was quite distracting. 

2) Pack tidbits/ lightfood
We were unprepared for the long trip thus when we reached our destination 
we were famished 

3) Pack basic toiletries that are essential to you 
You might want to freshen up after a long flight

4) Bring your own entertainment 
iPad, Magazine, Laptop, MP3. Storybook 
Just to kill time 

We finally arrived at THE DISTRICT BORACAY after approx 7 hours 
and I tell you it was worth it
The hotel stood out like a gem 
and the posh design immediately caught our eye

The rooms are spacious, clean, well equipped 

And the toilet was dope too! 
They had enough mirrors for us girls to share,
so we need not hustle in the morning.
and they had hot water for showering!! 
Haha, ok, I love taking hot showers so if the hotel's water is not hot enough
I'll be like damn sian. 

I shared room with Val and Szes
and got to know them so much better during the trip! 
Extremely lovely girls to be with (: 
The hotel was oh so kind to give us little tidbits daily 
with our names written. 
On the last day, they even gave us a customized luggage tag! 
woohooo, love them. 

There was also an outside balcony where you could chill or dry your clothes
The girls and I spent some time out here just chit chatting and chilling~ 

The view from the pool from our room in the night

and the outdoor bar / restaurant 

Day 2: Waking up fresh and ready to conquer the hotel breakfast buffet!!! 

I'm always so excited to try out what various hotel buffets have to offer
and the spread at THE DISTRICT BORACAY isn't that shabby at all! 

They have a large variety for picky eaters to choose from 
and even have daily specials which you can specially order to try.
We tried some poached egg prata thingy and their Banana Crepe

Best thing about breakfast is of course the EGGS! 
I love eggs esp omelettes 
Here you could also fry your own picks like bacon and sausages

We had an Island Hopping Tour + Snorkeling + Lunch 
planned for us and I was stoked-

At Crocodile Island which ironically looks like a crocodile
ok can
therefore the name 
Made me scared for awhile 
But they had to check for sharks first before we could snorkel in the waters 
I so want to do it again,
we fed the fishes biscuits and they all swarmed towards us

Fiona, Valerie and Sze Li
Girls that I hanged out with during the trip
Making things so much more enjoyable 


Met this super talented photography babe 
during this trip 
aka smittenpixels
Didn't know she was the magic behind numerous stunning blogshop shoots
New found respect for this beauty with brains ;D 
Can't wait to spend more time with you in the near future

Getting off the boat into the clear waters 

Day 3! Feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole adventure thing 
we decided to take it easy on this day
simply just relaxing by the beach, taking dips, getting massages 
oh you know the usual beachy sleeze 

I stayed back with Szes as we weren't the extremely adventurous sort 
while the rest went cliff jumping and ATVing 
Plus Szes wasn't feeling that well 

During this time we bonded a lot 
as we had a lot in common to talk about
like Loki! We both love Loki heh.
I told her I used to think she was kinda cold judging from her ModParade shoots 
which features her not smiling at all
but actually no, she's really friendly, caring and warm ^^
and really pretty when she smiles 
Miss her already

We grabbed lunch with the rest which were also too nuah to head out 
Here's Berlin! Very bubbly girl (: 

Kife and Joanna 
Which are damn funny people to hang out with 

Boracay has one of the best calamaris I've ever tasted,
it's like calamari heaven. 
So the three of us spent the rest of the day together
doing girly thangsss

Love Joanna's sparkling outgoing personality
She can instantly clique with anyone
had so much fun with her 
We got our nails done and had Starbucks :p

Random Hat.

The waters are seriously so clear you can see the fishes swimming in it
and it's really shallow so you can walk far out into the ocean

Kife is super pro at camwhoring
I have to give him 5 stars for it 
Beautiful sunset we are always trying to catch 
cause it goes down pretty fast. 

We had delicious food every night
The flavors in Philippines are really strong and prominent 
it goes BAM when it goes into your mouth 
This was the night, we strayed from the pack and had our own 
3 ladies candle light dinner by the beach 
*pic stolen from szes blog*
Credit to her light ray camera

We went shopping after dinner and walked past this cute ferris wheel
I mean who can resist not riding this right? 

too much. 
*also from szes*
Only for people with guts alright. 
It went round countless of times, probably a good 30 rounds. 

Boracay never fails to have sunny bright weather

Stuck in District Boracay's cosy bed 

In bed with Lydia ;) 

I never fail to have an ice cream crepe when I'm overseas 
Wanna try all the crepes in the world

We washed up and got ready for the Gushcloud annual meeting:

Our Bosses, Vincent and Althea gave extremely motivating and heart felt speeches 
which gave us a boost for the upcoming year 
to do better and serve our best 

We had a splendid Greek Dinner after the meeting 
where we feasted! 

The trip quickly came to an end in a flash as we look back upon 
the memories and bonds created
From strangers to friends
and even a family 
I can't ask for more (,:

Special thanks to the super adorable Freda 
Who brought me into Gushcloud
I'm still fresh and new to this whole social media thing
but it has been a good start and I'm definitely hoping for more to come! 

and back in Singapore reunited with this asswipe 
who gave me the greencard to go on this trip 
leaving him all alone behind 

I would do everything all over again (: 


Great news! 
Tigerair is now flying to YANGON

Yangon (literally: "End of Strife") is a former capital of Burma (Myanmar) and the capital of Yangon Region. Yangon, with a population of over five million, is the country's largest city and the most important commercial centre.

With a lack of international brand saturation and an abundance of parks, lakes and gleaming pagodas, vibrant street life and friendly locals,Yangon Myanmar's largest city and former capital, is a city worth getting to know before venturing elsewhere in this wonderful country.

Wow, that's one place I'll love to visit next.
Added it to my 'must go places' 

For more information do visit: bit.ly/1milliondraw

Thanks for staying with me till the end of this blogpost 
(That is if you're still with me, hello, waves) 

Merry Advanced Christmas ahead
and I can't wait for the new year to start! 

But remember, you don't need to wait till the new year to start making resolutions
You can right now
(or actually, anytime you feel like it hahahha) 
So what will your new year resolution be?
Flying to Boracay or Yangon perhaps?

For more updates follow me at @nicolechangmin on instagram

Till next time~~

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