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Wednesday, December 25, 2013.

You must have TABLE MANNERS!
okay, pun intended
This is officially my first food post on this blog! 
Cause maybe secretly I want to be a food taster/critic LOL.

So recently I went food exploring and decided to check out this place 
which is located at the very east corners of our little island. 
I heard that there were new developments there thus curious me couldn't resist poppin' by

Upon reaching, as usual it was pretty crowded
(as would any popular food place in Singapore would be) 
Even on a Monday night!
Probably because this is one of the rare bistro diners opened on a Monday
and even on Monday they open till 12 midnight 
wow. so hardcore :) I like.

But what surprised me was that their waiting system was damn high tech.
Usually when you go to a restaurant and there's a waiting list/queue 
you just have to lanlan (no choice) wait in line 
But in this case they use an app on an iPad to settle their customer flow
Just simply enter the number of people dinning and your phone number 
and you're good to go!
Their system would automatically give you a call when your table is ready 
and you'll have the option to accept or decline the offer within 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, while waiting for the call you can roam about in the mall (: 
No wasting time in long queues! 

They have an outdoor and indoor space 
and I chose to sit indoors 
which was pretty well decorated with good lighting to snap foodporn pics
All food pictures featured here have no filter nor edits! 

First up, we decided to go with a starter: 
Caprese Salad $14
-Sliced Roma tomatoes and Buffalo mozzerella 
with extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil

This dish did not disappoint as I LOVE MOZZERELLA 
I'm a sucker for such cheeses 
I can eat them all day, nom nom nom 
The texture was just right and the cheese was fresh and creamy 
the olive oil complimented and mix of veggies and cheese
to give you a pop of freshness with every bite.

 Next dish served was: 
Mary's Little Lamb $24 
it was a chef recommendation

The meat was will marinated and tender 
Giving you the full aroma of the Lamb Shank 
Good if you're a Lamb lover (: 

To add a balance to the meal
we ordered a staple dish to make sure we filled our tummies
This was one dish I was pretty excited about:
Truffle Capellini with Organic Egg $19
Angel hair pasta tossed with truffle salsa
and bull's eye egg yolk 
(another one of their chef's recommendation) 

I'm the type of person that would choose pasta over any other food any day
especially in the carbohydrate family
Rice is a nono but Pasta is like 

I've never tasted pasta like that before
it differs so much from the traditional Carbonara or Bolognaise
(which I'm pretty bored of, always on the hunt for exotic pastas)
in a good way! 
You get the taste of Truffle in the first bite as though you're eating Truffle Fries 
the semi creamy sauce is given in generous portions
which lubricates the thin silky pasta
and at the end of the bite you get flavors of Mushrooms 
from the tiny diced bits scattered all over the dish.
Wapiang, writing this I want to go eat it again  T_T 
Why do I do this to myself haha. 

So yup! That's my short food review of TABLE MANNERS
Hope it made you hungry 
and OH I had the best LEMONADE there too 
Period. #sayrealone

Having lemon juice during meals improves your appetite

I'll give you the details of the place right down here
so you can find out more if you're interested on your own (:

 1130 morning till 12 midnight daily
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Changi City Point — The Oasis #01-68/69
Singapore 486038

*this is not an ad, this is my honest opinion*
Thanks for dropping by my page ^^

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