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Soft Rebonding - Salon de Choix
Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

So recently I got really pissed off with my hair because it's just so wavy!!
I don't know whether it's natural or what but if I do not do anything to my hair,
it will curl as though it has a life of it's own.
I know you guys will say, wa natural curl good what!
Good your head ah- 
When it's a messy kind of wavy, trust me you will want to get it fixed.

I found out a procedure called:
Ok, ok. I know I might be a mountain tortoise but honestly all I've heard was 
the normal old school rebonding which I cannot stand
because it makes my hair feel like thousands of satay sticks
(no offense to any one with that kinda rebonding now) 
If you get what I mean
the super duper straight pancake kind.

I wanted my hair to be tamed and easily manageable,
even when I let it air dry normally it should look presentable. 
Therefore I decided to try soft rebonding as not only will it de-frizz my hair,
I can still achieve waves at the ends of my hair if I want to. 

Chester said that more and more people are choosing this procedure 
rather than the super straight rebonding nowadays 
as it is more natural looking and 'more IN'. 

I guess the main difference would be the way the hair is straightened,
the chemicals used and the end result (: 
I cant't wait!! 

Firstly, rebonding cream (relaxant) is applied onto my hair.
This step breaks the natural bonds in your hair so it can be shaped to your ideal style later. 

The cream is then washed off and Chester styles my hair into my desired style.
Straight at the top and curling in at the ends
Like a nike swoosh.
He didn't really much relaxer cream on my ends 
as my hair is naturally wavy, so it will just wave in.

A Neutraliser is then applied to the style to fix it in place. 
This step reconnects the broken bonds in your hair. 

Oh ya, that's Chester my stylist in the background #hardworking

They also gave my hair a hearty treatment called 'Enriching Ritual'
to protect and revive it from all the 
damage it's been through. I'm also really glad that they take my 
scalp care into consideration.  
Don't I look like a bazhang snowman here? n____n

So after all the washing, blowing, and styling is done
I get to see the final product~!

Straight and wispy, like wind blowing through my hair 
Feels soft and silky too! 
I totally couldn't stop running my fingers through it (: 

So with great hair, there's always a reason to snaps some pics 
for memory sake  

Yup, I still have my blue & purple hiding underneath my warm brown color. 
Surprisingly, my hair holds color really well and it doesn't really fade
Kudos to that

This pics where taken a day after my trip to the salon and my hair still looks great. 
I'm totally pleased with how it turned out,
one of the best decisions I ever made so far in my hair history. 

So if you're interested to get your hair fixed too
The details are here below: 

The Salon is located in a convenient area in town 
Just behind Orchard Central:
3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1
Near KPO

Visit: www.salondechoix.com
Call: +65 68362959
Email: reservation@salondechoix.com
for reservations

Opening Hours: 10:30am - 8:30pm daily

Just mention my name 'Nicole Chang Min'
to get a 15% discount
The person responsible for all my hair magic is Chester Soh (: 

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