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let's kick start 2014!
Friday, January 3, 2014.

So after a whole good day of reminiscing, I looked back at all I've done and this video caught my eye. 
So I made a wacky decision to bring this video clip back to life.
I thought it would be great to start the year with a little laugh, comedy can't hurt much can it. 
Singaporeans would find this Army Parody pretty relatable (:
The theme was 'Uniquely Singapore'

Fun fact: This video was filmed in TOWN, like orchard. 

Special thanks to: 
Peps Goh
Who is my favorite parkour artist, if anyone needs a stunt man or kungfu master 
He's the guy to look for. 

Wu Qinglin
The impromptu army officer starring in this video
He's my brother's friend and so nicely agreed to help me out in this video 
Played his role surprisingly well despite having no experience XD 

987TV for making this video come to life 

For more wacky videos in 2014
stay tuned to this page

P.S: I'm not wearing makeup in this video so don't mind that haha!

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