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Thursday, January 23, 2014.

Look what came in the mail!
A pretty shimmery  Nexcare™ Festive Season Box
All you will need to tide you through this Chinese New Year
Last minute tips and tricks to create that perfect you. 

 Oooo I'm so excited to reveal what's lying within these pink sheets

Your festive season must-haves:
Brought to you by Nexcare™

I'll slowly go through and present how you can use each product to help you achieve looking fabulous this coming CNY! 

First up: 
Nexcare Whitening Eye Patch - $4.50
Nexcare Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch - $4.50 
(Each packet consists of 2 pairs)

Who suffers from the Panda Eye Syndrome? 
I dare say almost everybody does!
Especially when schools are so jam-packed with assignments back to back, we can all barely catch 8 hours of sleep everyday.
This is the first product I tried as I was curious about the results!

I've actually always been a non-believer in eye masks 
but this product pleasantly surprised me
I could see instant visible results after putting it on for barely 20mins! 
Whitening effect is about 30%

Same for this Eye patch which serves a different purpose of Anti-wrinkling.
Oh, you know those unflattering crow's feet and smile lines you have around your eyes, instantly giving away your true age D: 

After using this product, my under eyes felt so much more firm and moisturized 
It had the tiong-tiong(!!) feeling, definitely improved the condition of my under eyes.

 I couldn't stop staring in the mirror.

I love how the eye patch looks and feels translucent, so neighbours won't give you the weird stares or double take when you're doing your mask at home. 
I also realized Nexcare™ has a unique material they use for their products which I like because it's different from the usual cotton/plastic kind of material. 
The material they used has a bouncy gel like feel which feels 10 times more sterile to me (:  

Next I tried: 

Nexcare Acne Patch Ladies 36s - $8.20

Many for you to use in a pack, no need to worry that the amount of pimples will overpower the patches.

 This is going to sound weird but I was oddly waiting for the day that a hugeass zit would appear on my face so I could try how the product actually works. I heard good reviews about this product from Rozz and she swore by this product herself too.

So I was happy to put it to the test myself this time!

The day finally arrived when my zit formed (after much prayers for a big one lol) and it was indeed very unsightly.
This is my chance to finally use the Nexcare Acne Patch! 
I placed a piece right over my pimple and it covered it up nicely as they do come in different sizes that fit according to the size of your zit.

(Also comes in the Men's, fun or variety versions)

Best thing is that it is again barely visible
(as you can see from the picture!) 
I left it on overnight and when I woke up to remove the patch, my pimple was all dried up! And what amazes me was that all the pus and oily secretion was absorbed by the patch. 

It works like a sponge!

And since it's covering it, I won't be like itchy hand and go and disturb my pimple. heh
Clears Acne Spot-On Fast!

If you're super prone to huge pus filled pimples you gotta try
Nexcare Acne Patch!!

Moving on: 

Nexcare Premium Facial Mask - $4.50

Prolonged exposure in air-conditioned areas can make our skin dry and under-nourished. Our hectic schedules and lifestyle can also take its toll, especially for those with sensitive or problem skin.

My skin was in need of some extreme up lifting especially after long days in school and many late nights.
I plopped on the Nexcare Premium Facial Mask for a good 30 mins 
Upon removing it, I was again surprised by the effects it has just like the eye mask but on the whole new level now.

My face was significantly smoother, brighter and glowing to a certain extent (:

Made with 95% natural ingredients, it soothes and purifies the skin with ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Tea-Tree Oil and Bamboo Leaf Extract. It also nourishes and hydrates the skin with ingredients including Aloe-Vera Juice and Orange Extract, promoting generation of collagen and restores cell skin function while combating the effects of the environment which is really suitable for us!

The Nexcare™ Premium Skincare Range also features the “Temperature Sensitive State-Changing Soluble Hydrogel”, a 3M patented innovation that melts into the skin upon contact. This award-winning gel reacts to the higher temperature of the skin and dissolves easily, allowing for deeper penetration and absorption of nutrients for soft and supple skin.

What was special too was that the mask comes in 2 separate pieces (have never seen anything like this before!) to better fit any face shape and it's the same gel material as the eye patches too!

Great for any last minute perk me up if you need to do before CNY for glowy and dewy skin ;D

Having treated my tired eyes, shaggy face, and unsightly pimples, my pores needed a breather too! 

Here's Nexcare Nose Pack - $3.90

I used it the same way I would normally use my other pore pack.
The nose pack effectively removes blackheads, sebum and other impurities for clearer skin. It contains green tea extracts and aloe vera juice to soothe skin, and minimizes the appearance of pores with tea tree oil and other natural extracts!
However the scent of the pore pack was too strong for my liking, maybe cause it's like directly on my nose haha

Here’s how it looks like after peeling it out!

Do you have a gorgeous outfit planned for the festive season? You can now enjoy looking great without having to worry about unsightly wardrobe malfunctions.

Nexcare Non-Exposure Tapes - $6.30

Have blouses or dresses with plunging necklines?
 In-between buttons of shirts that have huge gaps? 
Or unsightly bra-straps?

This will solve all your wardrobe problems! 

Just peel and stick!

Now you can go ahead and enjoy your CNY with a peace of mind. 

I personally do not use fashion tapes cause I'm damn afraid of things falling off or going out of place but the brand I use is super expensive and not worth the frequent usage 
However, Nexcare Non-Exposure Tapes works just as fine as in so much more affordable! 
Great way to look good and save money for CNY  ;))

I usually hate wearing heels or new shoes because they do give me blisters and 'bite' my feet.
I rather spare me the pain than to look gorgeous.

Nexcare came up with this ingenius product to counter this issue too:

Nexcare Foot Care Pads Heels - $6.20 
Nexcare Foot Care Pads Toes - $6.20

Peel it open...

It's more than just a plaster! 

Now I can put on my killer stilettos ;)

Made with hydrocolloid material, it is more than a simple plaster, it aids healing and provides cushioning to reduce discomfort from the friction caused between feet and footwear. It also contains lavender oil to soothe and moisturize chapped skin, with the transparent material invisible against the foot.

Say bye to painful blisters and uncomfortable footwear~ 

So I've given you the full review of the products available in the Nexcare Boxand the verdict of my favorite product is... 
Nexcare Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch - $4.50

True convert to eye masks now ^^v 

 All the products in a glimpse: 
 and you'll be totally ready to meet all your friends and relatives! 
1. Nexcare Acne Patch Ladies 36s - $8.20
2. Nexcare Premium Facial Mask - $4.50
3. Nexcare Whitening Eye Patch - $4.50 
4. Nexcare Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch - $4.50 
5. Nexcare Nose Pack - $3.90
6. Nexcare Non-Exposure Tapes - $6.30 
7. Nexcare Foot Care Pads Heels - $6.20 
8. Nexcare Foot Care Pads Toes - $6.20 


Nexcare is having a giveaway and I will be giving out 3 gift boxes! You can also stand a chance to win a gift box for yourself, simply by liking and sharing Nexcare Facebook page and comment with:

'I Nexcare’ and which is your favorite product!

It’s as easy as that! I will be picking 3 girls by 27th January so what are you waiting for!

 Check Nexcare out at: 

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