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Experience with Amy Beauty Link
Thursday, April 24, 2014.

Recently I visited Amy Beauty Link to get my First ever 3D eyebrow embroidery done. 
I've always wanted to wake up to some decent looking brows and
feel that drawing them perfectly always requires too much skill and patience 
Plus I love swimming and it's sad that every time I go swimming my brows
would get 'washed off' and trust me it's not the most flattering state you can be in. 

(warning this post is filled with my face, just let me take them selfies)

 So here's my before pictures, I got my eyelash extensions done at another place prior 
to this, the ones I have on here lasted me for a month but as you can see
some of them have fallen off and there are visible gaps.
So I decided to try out Amy's eyelash extensions too. 
Just kill two birds with 1 stone. 

 They removed my brow makeup and these are my virgin natural brows. 
The person said it was not bad at all! Like my eyebrows are actually quite thick lol. 
So I told her to keep the thickness as I don't wanna end up looking like 
one of those over plucked brow peeps... 

 The person who did my brows was Fion/Fyonne I'm not sure of the spelling.
But she was very meticulous with her work. 
Reminded me of a person with good OCD and that was relieving for me. 
I told her I didn't want an arch cause I think it makes me look perpetually amused/angry 
I rather be emotionless, kay kidding. 
She drew on the shape and it's just a guide for her. 
I got afraid when I looked in the mirror to check and went,
'OMG so thick?!'
haha, she laughed and say no no, after doing won't be so thick. 

This was one day after I did the embroidery with no brow makeup at all
The process was pretty quick, but the thought of it was scary. 
She used a penknife like tool to draw individual hairs mimicking your brows
so it looks natural and not like someone took a crayon to color them in. 

The pain factor was 3/10 
She spammed numbing cream for me and kept checking if I felt any pain. 
I guess most of the pain came from my mind telling me omgomg, she's cutting me.

 I told them I was going for a natural look and not too long for my lashes
These are individual lashes.
I felt that these are really natural looking. 
It was completed pretty quickly too, like in 30-45mins
which I was surprised because my previous one took almost 2 hours! 
The method of sticking the individual lashes also felt different,
and I feel that the way it is stuck on is very important as 
it can affect how long it lasts or whether it will damage your own natural lashes. 

 Another shot with just eyeliner drawn for the eyes
and fully bare brows. 

 After about 7 days, the scabs will fully peel off and fall off on their own 
The color will become lighter about 30%-50% lighter. 
The picture above is after the 7 days with no brow makeup. 
Some areas are lighter than the others and there are little empty spots
but that's normal, because she didn't go too dark or too deep for my first time. 

I think they still look decent and I'm pretty happy with it. 

This is me with my brows drawn on
you really don't have to do much but to fill in the gaps
I do this so much quicker now than compared to when I had to 
slowly shape and define my brows with a brow pencil daily. 
Now I just a brow shadow and it's done within a minute. 

So that's all for my 3D eyebrow and eyelash adventure with Amy Beauty Link.


Far East Plaza
Tel : 67382180

If you have any further questions, you can always pop by my ask.fm/nicolechangmin
or it's somewhere along the side bar!

Hope this was useful and stay beautiful ladies. 

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