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The Nic & Nic Show 987TV Debut Episode!
Monday, April 14, 2014.


Bringing local singaporean flavor to create this parody. 

Characters Featured: 

Don't be so harsh on us because it's only our first official episode haha
We will very much like to see you again. 
But if you think we really deserve to be shot, here have a gun. 

If you haven't watch 'First Kiss' or you have no idea what it is cause the rock you live under is fairly comfortable. Here you go! 

We had a blast eating 10 boxes of durians during this shoot!
Thank you producers for giving us this opportunity 
and being so generous with the durians

Till next time,  laugh on: 
The Nic & Nic Show
We only want to make you smile.
Or maybe cry a little (from laughing)

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