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Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Here I come
We were privileged to be able fly to Hongkong via Cathay Airlines
I've never been on any of their flights before thus I was eager to try. 

Super happy because I got the window seat,
always loved sitting by the window while I'm flying
It gives me a certain kind of serenity. 
The seats were super comfortable and you could lower the angle of the seat
without disturbing the people behind you.
They provided blankets too, to keep you warm throughout the flight. 

The view was awesome, high above the fluffy clouds 

I enjoyed meal and movie time the most
because I've never managed to finish an airplane meal before.
It either tasted horrible or the food was already stale. 
Cathay's meal surprised me as not only was it tasty, it seemed freshly made! 
The best part was that it came along with a Hagen Daz ice-cream. 
I felt really spoilt. 

Something interesting I’d like to share is that Cathay has a free eNewsletter called CXspcials. The monthly newsletter allows you to get first-hand info on their special fares, holiday packages, news and other promos! And from now to 30 June, if you sign up for it, you could stand a chance to win a round-trip Economy Class ticket to HK! Gonna be very kiasu and get all my friends, mothers, brothers, sisters to sign-up for it. :D You can do so to right here:

Upon touching down, we took a chartered bus to our hotel Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel
This was the breath taking view from our spacious room. 
The whole harbor in sight. 
Sun rise and sun set.  

Pretty isn't it? 

The room was huge too, enough for 3 of us to share.
They even provided an extra bed just in case. 

The toilet was ideal for us girls doing our makeup
the lighting was clear and flattering and they even had a magnifying beauty mirror 

How can I not forget the bathtub

Audrey and I took a hot bubbly bath, haha it was the best night ever (; 

For those of you who prefer the city lights,
The harbor view will definitely not disappoint you. 

City Disco. 

We also got the opportunity to catch Tap Dogs in Hongkong during our trip
We took the MTR (yes they call it MTR) 
to go watch them perform live on the streets. 

and later in the night we went to watch their official performance! 

 Girls, just wanna have fun. 

Waiting for the show to start. 

 We got to meet the crew and even got a tour of their backstage 
Live performance is really an impressive collaborative effort 
I give Tap Dogs 5 stars! 
You'll definitely be blown away by their swag tapping moves. 

Tap Dogs has already premiered in Singapore yesterday! J
If you want to see how TAP DOGS are taking the world by storm with their unprecedented tap show that combines the strength and power of workmen with the precision and talent of tap dancing, you get a short snippet of how it is here -

And… Base Entertainment Asia is currently extending a VERY special offer to my readers (that’s available for all res and you have to book by 1st June) :  Get 2 tickets for the price of 1!!!

Only via this special link : http://bit.ly/tapdogssg

Valid for all shows from 27 May to 1 June 2014.
*Buy 2 VIP tickets at $135 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee

*Buy 2 A res tickets at $120 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee

*Buy 2 B res tickets at $95 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee

*Buy 2 C res tickets at $65 + $3 booking fee + $3 booking fee 
so do remember to catch them since they are already over in Singapore
or you'll end up regretting :) 

Till next time,
over and out. 

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