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Capture the moment. 10x zoom, always at hand. (Sponsored Post)
Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

Recently, I was very blessed to get my hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy K zoom LTE. 
As you all know, I love taking pictures 
and pictures play a big role in my life 
from taking ootds, to advertorials or even product pics,
a good handy camera is of the utmost importance
to churn out quality pictures effortlessly. 

I was excited to put this interesting looking camera phone to the test! 
It comes in 3 colors: 
Charcoal Black, Shimmery White and Electric Blue

I choose Shimmery White because it's outstanding and basically goes well with everything! 

Let me show you what the Galaxy K zoom LTE can do. 
Obviously from the name, you'll know that 
it's specially is it's zoom function 

It has a 10X Optical Zoom compact in it's impressively slim body

Samsung's new retracting lens technology makes the 10X optical zoom powerful yet remarkably slim, giving you the sharpness of real optics in a chic body. And it's so easy to use, with Pinch Zoom and one-touch Quick Zoom.

 I felt like a spy from this side of the building looking at the details of what was going on,
on the other side of the building. 
The minor details where still so clear despite zooming in 10x 
and the camera was not shaky at all! 

Trying the zoom feature for the second time

 I could even see the tiny words of the building. Clearly 
impressive (: 

I also tried the zoom feature on moving objects like my dog Milky. 
Milky never likes to take pictures, 
he is very camera shy and always looks away when a camera is pointed at his face. 
I took this picture all the way from the other end of my room, 
so he did not have the slightest clue that I was secretly snapping a picture of him. 
Plus, Galaxy K zoom LTE has a very useful function to attract your subject's attention e.g kids, pets, 
with a simple push of the shuttle button a cute tone will be played
and your subject would definitely look over. 
SNAP! and you got your perfect picture. 

 Also, you guys must be wondering as selfies are the in thing nowadays, 
how does their front camera fair??
Once you switch to the front camera, it automatically switches on the Beauty Face mode,
which makes every selfie you take automatically chio!
It's like a selfie cam in a phone! 
No need for any extra filters, just like my picture above! 
It magically gives you the glowy, flawless effect. 

A key feature that Samsung has created in this phone is its 
'Selfie Alarm'
Worried that the quality of the front camera might not be justifiable enough? 
Say goodbye to low quality selfies: 
Using the powerful 20.7MP back camera, 
Simply adjust the focus box on the screen to set where you want to appear, turn it around and wait for the phone to beep. 
The phone will automatically take 3 shots - with Beauty Face mode and all you have to do after posing is to select your best picture to share :D 

Other potential problems I always face with photographs are backlighting, overexposure and underexposure

 With the AF/AE Separation (Auto Focus/ Auto Exposure) function, you now have the freedom to control your light! 
Separate your AF and AE to control tricky backlit scenes, balancing
 light and clarity. 


Notice how balanced the light is distributed across the entire picture? 
That's what the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE can do! 

 Let's carry on to see what else this camera-specialised smartphone can do.

 Quick access to the camera function from the lock screen 

 Firstly, taking a normal picture with no fancy settings 

Pictures are generally clear and well lit
but what if I want an extra oohmp to my photos? 

Simply use the 'Pro Suggest' function! Half press the shutter button
and the camera will automatically suggest filters 
to make your photos look better. 

I chose the 'Bright' Filter 
and my shot instantly became brighter and more vivid. 

That's how easy it is to get pretty pictures! 
Capture the moment. 10x zoom, always at hand.

Want to get your hands on a Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE too? 
It retails for $798 (without contract). 
For more details visit

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