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Neo Yacht Experience
Thursday, August 28, 2014.


Recently we were so lucky to get a chance to experience 
luxury lifestyle with Neo Yacht by Orange Clove.

The Yacht named Passion had a beautiful interior,
it was so cosy and clean! 

A wide range of delicious finger food was also provided 
and I couldn't wait to dig in and try em' all :D 

Brb, dying. Oh love of my life - Sashimi.

The Yacht took us to three different locations. 
The first destination was Lazarus Island. 

The view was wonderful (: 

With Jun Ying, Isabel and Jolene 

Group shot with the awesome ladies 

At the second stop, we had the opportunity to snorkel and swim 
in the calm clean waters. 

 With Val and Szes! 
Reliving Boracay (: 

Overall the experience was an enjoyable one 
and I highly recommend all of you to give it a try with your friends! 

in order to enjoy the special 
*$1499 (mon-thur) *$1699 (fri-sun) for 18pax chartering

For more details visit their social media sites: 
- Orange Clove FACEBOOK 

- Neo Yacht FACEBOOK 

- Orange Clove INSTAGRAM 

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