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Privé Clinic
Tuesday, December 9, 2014.

Experience with Privé Clinic

I found out about this clinic from one of my friends who
happens to patronize them quite frequently. 
I instantly fell in love with the place because first impressions matter 
and PrivĂ© gave me a very professional and reliable feeling. 

Why get fillers? 
Fillers are semi-permanant with immediate results and no downtime 
It's like getting a minor upgrade in an instant! 
I just wanted to treat myself to something I haven't tried before this holiday season,
no harm trying new things. To see if I liked the results of fillers after hearing so much about it. 

Does it hurt? 
I would give it a 3/10 of the pain factor. 
I also feel that it's the amount of fillers you inject. 
I did not have much injected so I didn't feel much pain at all. 
It gets a little sore after for a day or two when it's in the process of recovering 
but it's all bearable 

Who can get fillers? 
Anyone who needs them I would say. There's so many ways to use them to improve your appearance. 
You can fill in your laugh lines or even get a V shaped face with Chin fillers! 

How much do they cost? 
I got it at a promotional price of $598 instead of the usual $900 
They have other Christmas on-going promotions you can check them out here

The interior is pleasant and welcoming.
Well decorated I would say, exhibiting calm and zen vibes.

First I was directed to the consultation room where I waited for my consultation with Dr. Karen.
She was nice and friendly and I felt comfortable with her. 
She gave good advise and new exactly what I wanted. 

 After confirming the procedures, I was brought to another room 
to relax and apply the numbing cream for about 30 mins

The longer you have the cream on 
the longer and more effective the numbing results would be 
(if you have low tolerance for pain)

While waiting I decided to flip through some magazines
and at this point the nurse also made me pop a anti-swelling pill 

The procedure was pretty quick and bearable 
Dr. Karen recommended Radiesse for my fillers as it is a soft calcium mineral filler 
instead of the usual Hyaluronic Acid fillers. 

It creates 3D volume without spreading,
which allows for higher control and more prominent results 
These fillers can also be used on other areas such as Chin or Cheek fillers.

Another unique selling point of Radiesse is that 
it stimulates new collagen formation for long-lasting results.
These fillers can last up to a year! 

 Dr. Karen also recommended Xeomin to reduce the size of my jaw muscles 
as I have a habit of biting down on my jaw or clenching it too tight
which results in prominent jaw muscles which aren't very flattering in pictures
So I decided to go for it too since I was already getting the nose fillers. 
However, results can only be seen after 2 weeks
but so far I've noticed a 20% downsize in my jaw muscles
which I am absolutely loving so far (:

 You're free to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment (like eating, etc)
This picture was taken right after
There's only a slight swelling at the top of my nose bridge
which was where Dr. Karen injected. 
The swelling went down for me after 2 days 
and my nose looked absolutely natural. 
They gave me 3 more anti-swelling pills and an antibiotic cream to apply to prevent infections 
I had to be careful with my nose for about a week
like not wearing specs or massaging it.

 Loving the results after the swelling receded,
it's not a hugeeee difference but it's just what I wanted 
and I'll definitely visit PrivĂ© in the future again.  


Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 10am - 8pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm 

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