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Eyebrow Embroidery with Browtisan!
Friday, January 2, 2015.

Recently I was invited by Coco (owner of Browtisan) to try out their services at 
her new shop located at Delfi Orchard. 
I was really excited as I have been looking for a someone reliable to get my brows done
for quite sometime. 
I feel that brows are really important as they frame the face 
and contributes largely to the expressions we make. 
I hate the fact that once I remove my brow makeup,
they don't look as awesome anymore. (even though I have fairly thick eyebrows) 
But I bet no one wants to look eyebrow-less
as the chinese saying goes: 
Even the ghosts are afraid of people without eyebrows 

 I was really impressed once I stepped into Browtisan 
as the staff were the friendliest and most polite I've ever met
They attended to my every need 
and reassured me throughout the entire process 
of what to expect and what I should do. 

Coco has been doing eyebrows for 20 years! 
She is extremely skilled and professional
She definitely knows her stuff man. 

First I was invited to take a sit at their brow design station 
Coco already had a set of brow design for me in mind
as she noticed from my instagram that I liked the straight korean brow look 
She showed me some samples of what she had in mind for me 
and discussed with me on the brow shape I desired. 

 She told me that my features would suit 
a gentle arch and not one that is totally straight. 
I've been told that before but I refused to believe
until I saw the brow designed for me by coco. 
She used a brow pencil to gently mark out the lines
that mimic brow strands
and neatened up my brows. 
(as you can see, there's a very slight arch when it comes to the end) 

After I was satisfied with the design, 
she then brought me to a private room to get my brows done. 
I was very concerned about the pain factor at first so I kept asking her whether it would hurt. 
She giggled at me because none of her customers felt any pain before. 
A strong numbing cream would be applied 
and half way during the process, another cream will be applied to enhance the numbing effect. 
Plus, what amused me was that there was no blood at all! 
Her strokes where so light and delicate I felt nothing, saw no blood and the process was quickly done. 
A new blade is used every time to avoid any contamination, super hygienic. 

Coco takes a lot of pride in her work so she will double check and touch up 
after the first embroidery is done. 
Normally, the person who does my brow will just let me leave after a hasty embroidery 
but Coco is different! 
Every stroke matters to her, you really have to experience it yourself to 
know the difference of Browtisan's service. 
A layer of dye was left on my brows for about 10mins to intensify the color. 
Coco found this really amusing and snapped a picture of me haha. 

 And we are done! 
Picture taken right after the entire process 
you can see the fine lines drawn that look exactly like my own hair 
Coco uses a special magnifying specs to see all these lines clearly while she is drawing them
so no worries at all.
I could go out right after that and even received compliments on my brows right after! 

 On day 2 the color will intensify but will slowly peel off within a week
She gave me protective sheets to paste on my brows whenever I took a shower 
to protect them and help the color to last longer. 

 A healing gel was also provided 
to aid my brows in healing :) 
So caring! 

 So one week has past and my brows still look great! 
I will be going back for a touch up in a month's time
and I can't wait. 


402 Orchard Road
#03-17 Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876


Instagram: @browtisan

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