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Get lost with Lost sg! [ad]
Saturday, January 3, 2015.

LOST SG - Singapore's Next Gen Real Escape game

I've always been a fan of mysteries and those Sherlock games 
where you try to solve a mystery or get out of a haunted house
but these games have always been fully electrical 
and I could only interact with them by clicking my mouse or tapping the screen. 

Thus I was really excited when I got approached by LOST SG to try out their 
real escape game. 
Well it means you have to physically escape the set up rooms they have prepared for you. 
I know right, it sounds fun already. 
Where you get to physically interact with your surroundings 
and be fully involved on set. 

LOST SG has 5 different escape rooms 
and we got to try Alcatraz and Aokigahara 
all the rooms have a pretty high difficultly level 
so you definitely do not need to worry about getting out too easily
Your money will be will spent cracking your brains, trust me. 

First we tried Alcatraz
Alcatraz Island prison housed the most dangerous felons in America during its operation from 1934 to 1963. Surrounded by hazardous currents of the San Francisco Bay, no inmate was thought to have ever successfully escaped the maximum-security facility. One fine morning, wardens discovered the disappearance of 3 inmates. Did the inmates make it out of Alcatraz Island braving the unforgiving currents or did they perish into the dark waters of San Francisco Bay?
Relive and uncover the last moments of the inmates and take on the journey to escape from Alcatraz using your analytical thinking, logical reasoning and observational skills.

 I brought my friends along to experience this unique game play with me
and boy were they entertaining throughout. 

 And yes of course, we were prisoners trying to get out of prison. 

That caught us a bit off guard as we were trapped in different cells 

 Communication and team work was key into getting out 

 We were not the best at it and spent a good 30mins trying to figure out the first clue 

 As you can see after a while Ivan decided that he was happy being an inmate 

 and pretty much gave up and went to lead the thug life 

 Remus was a little more determined but he was the last one to get out of his cell
(by accident) 

 Oh wells, to cut a long story short, we did not manage to complete 
Alcatraz even with clues provided (yes we sucked that much) 
But we learnt from the experience and decided to do the next challenge better! 
p.s we even got lost trying to find the toilet #whatislife 

We picked Aokigahara 
cause I'm a sucker for all things bone chilling 

A short synopsis of Aokigahara:
After walking in rounds around the forest, it was clear that we had lost our way. With no functioning equipments to guide us out, fear was slowly consuming us from within. While we are paranormal researchers by profession, the fact remains that we are lost inside Japan’s Suicide Forest.
Historically linked with demons and supernatural beings, Aokigahara is not a place to spend a night in.

 Yes Japan has a suicide forest and it's really interesting,
if you are an adrenaline junkie you might just want to check 
the real suicide forest out ;) 
You'll never know what you might find... or meet. 


 The set was awesome,

 We did so much better for this course 
(with a little help from Ivan Loo one of the co-owners of the place) 

Can't wait to check out the other rooms after I have 
played in these two. 
The rooms really didn't disappoint me with their advance technology 
and interesting puzzles to solve 

 Winnners who manage to solve a room 
would get to be on the wall of fame!

Ivan Loo was so nice to take extra polaroid shots for us to keep ^^ 

So there's usually some icing on the cake 
and in this case: 
You can stand a chance to WIN a FREE game session 
and the best part is that you can bring 5 of your friends along! 

Contest details are on my instagram @nicolechangmin 

However, if you didn't happen to be the lucky person who walks away with 
the FREE game play. 
No worries you can still experience LOST SG at affordable prices 
$20.90, for non peak and 26.90 for peak
It is better to go as a big group of 5-7 people during peak period 
or you might have to share a room with a smaller group of people 
So get your gang together and conquer LOST SG 

Peak Hours: 
Monday - Friday
 1800 to 2300
Sat - Sun
Entire Day 

For more details you can check them out on these various platforms: 
Website: www.lost.sg
Instagram: @lostsingapore 

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