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My Recent Secret to Good Healthy Skin!
Thursday, May 21, 2015.

So recently I decided to give facials a try
as my skin condition was deteriorating 
due to the fact that I did not 100% know how to properly care for my skin
and I was wearing makeup for long hours (for work, shoots etc) 

My friend Betty who was a beautician told me that I should pop by her store 
to give her treatments a try and I was like why not… 
Anything to improve my skin condition. 
I was nervous at first because I never had any skin treatments done before in my life
but she reassured me that everything would be worth it! 

Betty was very professional about it and recommended me 
several treatments that were suitable for my skin.
She also taught me how to care for my face 
and maintain it after facials. 
She is also extremely friendly and approachable so I would highly recommend her :) 

First she did a Diamond Peel for me which 
exfoliates and 'sucks out' all the impurities. 
At the end of the procedure she showed me the amount 
of dead skin the machine managed to suck up
and I was like ewwwww. 
But she said it would naturally be more this time round
as it was my first time doing it. 

Surprisingly on my second visit after 3 weeks
when she performed the Diamond Peel for me, 
the dead skin sucked out was significantly lesser! 
I was relieved hahaha

On my first visit, I did a Purifying Treatment with
anti-bacteria acu-light therapy 
which cleansed my skin deeply.
I felt that all the toxins were removed from the various layers of my skin. 
This treatment is drying to the skin,
so remember to moisturize after if you are planning to try it out.  

On my second visit, 
I tried their Hydrating Treatment
to replenish my skin's hydration levels. 
(translucent mask, you can see my bare faced skin underneath 
almost no blemishes and redness!) 

Overall, the facial was very relaxing and rewarding. 
Betty would extract and cleanse all my pores 
and even give me a massage during the facial. 

Tea was served after the whole procedure which took
about 2-3 hours. 

She also gave me some products to try out
and these 2 are my favorite: 

Pink: Time Expert White Booster 
Blue: Water Based Make up remover 

I love their makeup remover as it is extremely 
gently on the skin and you don't feel 
sticky or oily after removing your makeup. 
It's almost like using water to remove your makeup
and it does not irritate my skin. 
I'm almost done with my current bottle! 

The booster helps your skin to be more receptive 
to the upcoming products that you apply to your skin after cleansing. 
It leaves my skin smooth and glowing. 

I felt that my skin has improved from Day 1 of the treatments till today,
I no longer have unsightly 'oil dumps' and my blemishes have lightened significantly. 

Note: I did this posting by my on will and I'm not dead selling or promoting any services or products here :) Everything written is purely my own experience and feedback as I told Betty that I would only post and promote treatments that I found beneficial to my skin.  
Also, your skin will not look perfect right after treatment, 
in fact it would look a little 'traumatized' for a day or two
due to the extractions etc but after that it would gradually improve and get better! 
And do not apply makeup straight after treatment, let your skin heal and breath :) 

Currently, for makeup I'm only using a concealer and no longer need to use foundation 
to achieve that flawless looking skin. 

If you're interested to try out the procedures that I have mentioned above, 
Betty has been so kind to give all my readers a special price: 

(u.p $170)
Purifying Treatment with
anti-bacteria acu-light therapy 

(u.p $170)
Hydrating Treatment with Diamond Peel 

Quote my name 'nicolechangmin' to enjoy the promos

For more details you can check out their website at:

They are located at: 
HDB Toa Payoh #01-62, 95 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, (S)310095
 Phone : (65) 6358 2180 
Email : contact@palaciodegermaine.com

Feel free to ask my any questions if you have any enquiries on my 
'ASK' tab above :)

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