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SANA Singapore Review [AD]
Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

SANA (サナ) is a leading cosmetics/skincare/bodycare brand in Japan. It is widely known for its soybean Namerakahonpo skincare series (なめらか本舗) and has recently launched in Singapore! 

SANA (サナ) stands for “Safe and Natural” and 
they produce beauty goods of high quality to cater to all ages.

They recently sent me some of their best selling products
that I'll be sharing and talking about in this post. 
I know foreign products can be quite intimidating and confusing
as you can't really understand 100% of whats written on the packaging 
but fret not as I'm here to help you decipher and figure out
which product would suit you the best :) 

So read on to find out about these new japanese makeup products: 

First up: SANA Super Quick Melty Gel Eyeliner 01 (U.P $22.90) 
Eyeliner is an essential to my makeup routine and
 it's always great when I find an awesome one.
So I was curious to see how this eyeliner would fair ;)

It has a 2mm lead that comes out gradually from the tip simply by twisting the pen,
no need for sharpening! Super easy to use! 
The tip helps draw fine, define lines and does not break off easily
unlike some lead eyeliners that I've tried before. 

Also, the lines are pigmented, a good kind of dark. 
The eyeliner is waterproof and smudge proof, great for long wearing. 
I've been wearing it pretty frequently due to the fact
that it is really easy to use and stays on looking great the entire day! 

Here I'm wearing the SANA Super Quick Melty Gel Eyeliner 01
and SANA Powerstyle Liquid Eyebrow - Grayish Brown
2 of my favorite products from the SANA range that I've tried so far. 
You can see how defined the eyeliner looks and 
how natural the brows are even though I filled them up. 

SANA Powerstyle Liquid Eyebrow (U.P $18.90)
really surprised me as I have always been a user of powdered kind of brow makeup 
and wasn't sure how a felt-tip one would turn out.
But after the first time I tried SANA Powerstyle Liquid Eyebrow I was impressed! 

It matched my brow color perfectly and allowed me to draw fine lines
which mimicked my brow hair which resulted in my brows
looking more natural and nicely filled up. 

It also stayed on the entire day due to it's 
long lasting and super water proof formula.
So there is not fear that your eyebrows would go missing halfway through the day
due to sweat, rubbing whatsoever. 

I've switched to using SANA Powerstyle Liquid Eyebrow completely! 

SANA Maiko-Han Makeup Base and Face Powder 
caught my eye not only because of it's pretty packaging 
but also about the claims it said it could do when applied to the face. 

SANA Maiko-Han Makeup Base (U.P $24.90) 
- Brighter & Glowing Skin
- Moisten skin with dewy look
- SPF 30 PA +++
- Cherry Blossom Aroma 
- Long Lasting Makeup 

The coverage from the SANA Maiko-Han Makeup Base 
is a Medium to High Coverage. 
It's pink-based and really gives your face a 'cherry blossom' feel and glow.
It conceals the dullness of the skin and adds a healthier complexion. 
Kind of reminds me of how those Geishas would look
but in a more wearable and adorable way. 
And if you are a fan of scented products,
this makeup base smells like Cherry Blossoms!  

The SANA Maiko-Han Face Powder NA 01 Sheer Pink ($29.90)
is just like the icing on top of the cake. 
It is a loose powder which helps set your makeup
with a silky smooth finish.
Helping your makeup up to last longer as it melts at body temperature
to blend in over your face.  

It also has a flexible net and a puff which controls the amount of product 
that comes out. Extremely fuss free and not messy. 
Simply push the puff on the net and apply the
powder evenly all over your face for a natural finish. 

Here I'm wearing the SANA Maiko-Han Makeup Base and Face Powder 
which gives my face a fair healthy pink glow just like those Japanese girls! 

After all those makeup, you would need something legit to remove and cleanse your face. 
SANA Namerakahonpo Cleansing Water (U.P $16.90) 
is a cleanser, facial foam and toner all in one! 
3 in 1 
To be honest it's very good for lazy people who opt for convenience
as just one wipe is all you need for a speedy makeup removing process. 

It's a thick liquid, water based cleanser which is gentle on the skin.

The thick liquid prevents rubbing of the skin
but at the same time, cleanses deeply into your pores. 

SANA Namerakahonpo Cleansing Water
has received many great reviews and my skin felt 
cleansed and hydrated after usage!

SANA (サナ) products are available in all Tokyu Hands Singapore, SASA Singapore, BHG ALT Singapore & John Little Singapore stores. 

For more information on SANA products
feel free to check out their pages: 




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