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Back at Privé!
Sunday, August 23, 2015.

So it has been almost a year since I last did my first fillers with Privé
and I absolutely trust them with this 
as they are extremely professional and their service is very commendable. 
That is why I decided to head back to Privé for some touch ups.  

I visited their new outlet this time at The Chevron House
and it was even more quick, efficient and hassle free! 
There was almost no waiting time, the whole procedure was completed in about 45 mins.
30 mins for the numbing cream + 15 mins for the jabs
and tadah, you can get more defined features just like that :D 

I used Radiesse again this time as I was satisfied with the results it gave me previously.
Radiesse provides both instant results and new collagen formation for long-lasting results
that can last up to a year! 
It is also a soft calcium mineral filler
so it gives more definition and volume
compared to other fillers that are made of Hyaluronic Acid. 

Also, it's better to do your touch ups with the same type of filler
so the formulas don't mix. 

And just as simple as that, I've got a slightly higher nose bridge 
and a 'U' shaped chin :) 

Pic: Right after I got my fillers done, almost no down time or swelling at all! 
I even went out to meet a couple of friends for dinner right after. 

What I love about the New Privé Vitale Outlet is: 

It is Economical 
Their treatments are priced affordably without having your safety compromised.

It is Effective 
With trained doctors that only use FDA-approved technology 
you won't have to worry about not seeing any visible results after treatments.

It is Efficient 
Time is money and you wouldn't want any of your precious time to be wasted,
you can even pop-by during your lunch breaks to get your treatments done!
That's how efficient they are :) 

30 Raffles Place
Chevron House




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