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Olaplex Experience
Monday, August 3, 2015.

When my hair starts to look like hay,
I know it's time to make a visit to 

2-3 months of neglect
because I honestly do not take much care of my hair 

My stylist, Chester
recommended me to try out Olaplex 
a new product for hair treatment, whilst coloring.  

Olaplex helps repair damage hair by linking broken disulfide bonds.
Therefore making the hair stronger. 
It's a great treatment to use especially if you dye your hair frequently
or like to go for extreme colors that would result in hair damage. 
By using Olaplex, before or during the chemical process
it would make your hair healthier, stronger, shinier and help the color last longer. 
Great for those people who are extremely afraid of hair damage! 

Chester added more highlights into my hair
and used the Olaplex treatment by mixing it into the bleach. 
So my hair was being colored and treated at the same time. 

We opted for a cold brown color this time round
which is pretty easy to maintain!

 My hair did not feel dry or damaged from the chemicals :) 

Yay to soft, bouncy hair! 

Salondechoix also provides styling services
for any special events or dates you have! 
I decided to try it out
for the 1965 movie premiere gala
and I totally digged the look they designed for me :) 

The Salon is located in a convenient area in town 
Just behind Orchard Central:
3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1
Near KPO

Visit: www.salondechoix.com
Call: +65 68362959
Email: reservation@salondechoix.com
for reservations
Opening Hours: 10:30am - 8:30pm daily

Just mention my name 'Nicole Chang Min'
to get a 15% discount 
The person responsible for all my hair magic is Chester Soh (: 
Instagram: @salondechoix

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