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Touch-up time with Browtisan!
Thursday, August 20, 2015.

Back to my favorite Brow Embroidery place - Browtisan
as the tips of my embroidery were fading (but still going strong)
But because I'll be away from Singapore for 5 months,
I figured out I needed to get it touched-up before my long haul to USA. 

So let's first begin this post with a throwback to my pathetic brow days: 

Before Coco (owner of Browtisan) found me and saved my brows.
My brow game was not strong at all, in fact looking back, it was sad…
It's not that I didn't have brow hair or whatsoever, 
it's that my brow was in a mess and I didn't know how to shape or draw them well.
They looked like a child took a marker and drew them on me. 

Coco offered to do a session of embroidery for me 
as she noticed that my brows were suffering under my care.

10 months after my first embroidery with Browtisan,
I'm glad to say that I'm still very satisfied with the results
and get a lot of people asking me for brow advice
and where I got my brows done.

As you can see that my raw brows still look very natural and existent,
just that the embroidery color has faded over time.
As the ink only sits on the surface of the skin
and will shed away along with your natural skin renewing process
but fret not, it lasts up to 2 years! 

The plastic foil over my brows prevents the numbing cream from drying up,
so the numbing cream is more effective. 
Great for pain whimpers like myself.  

After designing the perfect brow for you,
which I have to compliment Coco for being ever so meticulous.
To her, every strand counts and makes a difference,
so she will not stop working on your brow design until she feels that
it's 100% perfect for you. 

This time, she designed a slightly thicker brow shape for me,
as she noticed that I liked my brows thick. 
She also said that my features compliment the thick brow look
and having thicker brows would make on look younger.
What do you guys think? 

Overall, the process was quick and almost pain free 
(except the part where Coco has to reapply the numbing cream)
It is all in all very bearable and definitely worth the results.
I don't even need to draw my brows on anymore! 

Another satisfied trip to Browtisan :) 
Thank you Browtisan!!!

Call and make your appointment in advance
as they are always packed and fully booked!


402 Orchard Road
#03-17 Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876

6235 2355





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