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CO2 Mask [Ad]
Thursday, September 10, 2015.

Our face is always in need of a good boost and hydration. 
I was recently sent this box of CO2 Mask from Co2mask.com to review
so here we go: 

This pack is specially for skin hydration 
and I was really intrigued by it.
Because, I'm actually quite a science-y person,
 who is easily fascinated by the world of science and it's chemicals.
So the title C02 and the bright blue hued gel instantly got my attention.  
Each box contains 5 masks. 

And, oh gosh did it really look like a science experiment hah! 
Each pack of mask contains the gel and the co2 mineral powder.

To get the hydrating C02 mask to work,
You'll have to mix the gel mixture with the C02 powder provided. 

Simply snip off the corner of the packet,

and mix it evenly into the gel mixture. 
You'll need to be quick and mix the solution in 10 - 15 seconds 
However, it's totally fine if not all the powder dissolves.

You'll be able to see the chemical reaction forming with bubbles in the mask

Apply the mask generously onto your face,
to allow all the nutrients to be absorbed into your face while the gel is still reacting. 

I feel that the mask is really soothing and hydrating,
I usually leave it on for an hour (even though 30 mins is sufficient) 
as I feel that the mask works to it's full potential when left on for a longer period. 
You can just leave it on and carry on with your usual routine while your skin is getting pampered. 
As my face is pretty small, I usually have excess and
will apply the remaining gel mixture onto my neck :) 

They have many different kinds of CO2 masks to cater to your various needs:
Aqua Therapy
Whitening Therapy
Acneless Therapy 
Anti Wrinkle Therapy 
Spotless Therapy
Soothing Therapy 

They also carry various serums,
and I tried out their Whitening Serum which contains Vitamin C and Arbutin.
It helps to brighten and lighten complexion. 
The dropper tip helps application to be precise if you only want to lighten certain areas or dark spots. 

There's an on-going giveaway going on: 

Simply follow @co2mask on instagram
and post a pic on your instagram stating 
why you wish to win a packet of CO2 mask of your choice (worth $80)
with the hashtag #co2mask 
and you're on your way to winning! 

Also, quote 
for 15% discount 
on all items from their page!

For more details check out: 



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