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Trying out New Japanese Eye Makeup Products Feat. SANA Singapore
Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Watch to find our first hand experience with SANA Cosmetics Singapore

Watch to find our first hand experience with SANA Cosmetics Singapore

Featuring my special guests/friends/‘sisters’
to test out these ‘eye-opening’ products with me. 
They always say, the more the merrier isn’t it :D

We really had fun filming this video together
and I must say my friends are very qualified to be makeup testers.
Because no joke, the amount of makeup they have is insane.
And they will be the ones to go to if you have any makeup product enquiry.
They will always be the ones telling me, which product rocks and which product doesn’t. 
So I figured out it would be great to let them try out these Japanese makeup products!  

Products we tried:
1) SANA Super Quick Melty Gel Eyeliner
Available in Black & Dark Brown 
(U.P $22.90) 

2) SANA Newborn W Eyeliner EX 
Available in Black & Dark Brown 
(U.P $24.90) 

3) SANA Maikohan Intense Black Liquid Eyeliner
(U.P $23.90) 

4) SANA EXLASH Curl Mascara
Available in Long & Volume
(U.P $24.90) 

5) SANA Powerstyle Eyelash Curler 
(U.P $17.90) 

SANA Cosmetics Singapore is a leading Japanese cosmetics brand which brings in Japanese cosmetics.

In a nutshell: 
- We genuinely enjoyed and loved the products @sanasgp sent us.
- We feel that their products are of quality and worth the money. 
- We now appreciate Japanese makeup products so much more after getting to try them out. 
- We would repurchase these products.

Our Top 3 Picks:
1.  SANA Super Quick Melty Gel Eyeliner
2. 4) SANA EXLASH Curl and Volume Mascara
3) SANA Powerstyle Eyelash Curler 

You can purchase SANA’s products from:
- SASA Singapore
- Selective’ by SASA
- BHG Singapore 
- John Little Singapore
- Nishino Pharmacy 

For more details about SANA Cosmetics Singapore you can check them out at,



As always, feel free to pop me a question if you have any enquiries!  

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