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Damage Repair with Moist Diane
Sunday, March 13, 2016.

Moist Diane, helps turn your locks shiny, silky and smooth with rare plant oils sourced from all over the world. They deep-cleanse your scalp and hair gently and thoroughly, yet do not strip them of natural oils, which act as a necessary protective layer against environmental aggressors.

My new 'go-to' hair care set for deep repair and nourishment for my damaged hair.
As I have bleached my hair several times, I needed something intense to fix all the chemical damage done.
Therefore, I decided tried out their Extra Damage Repair products for 2 weeks :)
So read on to find out more! 
This range is especially great for colour-treated, dry, frizzy or coarse hair. 

Moist Diane shampoos are infused with age-old wonder ingredient, Moroccan Argan Oil. Known as ‘liquid gold’, is is packed rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids to protect and hydrate the scalp.
Different from other shampoos, Moist Diane’s silicone-free formulations prevent hair from clogging to help you achieve healthy voluminous hair!

I feel that my hair really soaks up their repair treatment and it leaves it feeling smooth and healthy.
This series also smells really pleasant and fresh, leaving my hair smelling great!
A well-balanced blend of oils is the key to an effective result for healthy hair. Packed with Moroccan Argan oil and 9 other types of handpicked botanical oils, Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair promises to not only deliver high cleansing ability, but also effectively repair and nourish dry, damaged and brittle hair. 
Each ingredient reaches deep into each hair strand by delivering essential nutrients for proper repair. By improving the hair structure inside out, what you get out of the shower room is healthier, shiny, softer hair with vitality.

Using a hair mask frequently helps protect and repair damaged hair. 
I love how rich and pampering this hair mask feels.
Simply apply it on damp hair, leave it on for 3-5 mins and rinse it off! 
Super easy and your hair will feel like silk after each session. 

I'm not used to using hair oils as I feel that they always leave my hair feeling too greasy. 
However, I couldn't resist trying Moist Diane's Smooth Hair Oil as it really looked like liquid gold!
And I'm definitely glad I did, it really gives an extra boost and shine to my dull hair.
This lightweight hair oil is filled with high concentration of Moroccan Argan Oil to deeply moisturise and repair hair to reduce breakage and splitting, and gives brilliant shine without making hair feel sticky or greasy. Work two drops through either damp or dry hair. Another A-lister ingredient in Moist Diane is Baobab Oil. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, and omega 3, 6, and 9, it is especially beneficial for hair and scalp.

My hair feels crispy, frizzy, tangled and unmanageable... 

Smooth and shiny, I can easily run my fingers through my hair 
and my locks feel so much stronger and treated.
Hair gives off a healthy beautiful glow with lesser split ends. 

Here is how Moist Diane shampoos infused with Moroccan Argan Oil can benefit your hair:
  1. Deeply nourishes hair and tames frizzes
  2. Prevents unnatural hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  3. Boosts a healthy hair glow
  4. Strengthens hair and repairs split ends 
  5. Improves hair elasticity

I would recommend you to try out this series if you have damaged hair like me,
but fret not, Moist Diane has other products for different hair types:
Moist and Shine
Volume and Scalp
Extra Shine

You can conveniently purchase these lovelies from any Watsons, major Fairprice outlets, departmental stores and Meidiya.

For more details you can check them out at:


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