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✿ Summer Tangerine Makeup + Korean Makeup Haul ✿
Thursday, April 28, 2016.

Many of you have requested a makeup tutorial so here you go:

Jumping on the orangey apricot tint trend, this makeup look really makes the coral hues pop.

Also, this post would be a mini review on my recent Korean makeup and skincare haul 
from +Hermo Singapore went crazy buying all the Korean goodies that I've been dying to try out.
Let's not waste anymore time and dig right in:

Super excited about this 
Holiday Season special 
of PONY x MEMEBOX's collection
I'm a personal fan of Pony and have been loving her products
so this was a must have for me. 

The packaging is seriously #goals
tooooo prettyyyy
almost couldn't bear to use it.

Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette 
#03 - Orange Bloom

As seen in the makeup video above,
this palette gives you a nice orange hued eyeshadow 
which I particularly enjoy applying recently. 

Blossom Lip Color - 
#03 - Orange Dahlia 
This lip color compliments my skin tone really well
and is not drying when applied to my lips. 

 This 2 products totally caught my eye
as I'm a sucker for packaging and gravitate towards different shades of pink. 

3CE - Daily Lady
This is a really feminine nude color
that I'll wear on days that I feel more 'girly' 

3CE Pink Rumour Blur Setting Loose Powder
This came as a surprise to me as several reviews I read online said that this setting powder
was 'so-so' only. However, upon several usages. This has officially become my favourite 
setting powder thus far. A little goes a long way in keeping your makeup in place the whole day. 
With this on, my makeup can look flawless for almost 8 hrs! 
It gives a velvety smooth finish, highly recommend. 
4.5/5 stars :)

Innisfree long wear cushion foundation in natural beige 
Was curious to try this out as cushion foundations are the in thing now. 
Coverage is a medium - high for this and it's really easy to use.
Just pat it on and you're ready to head out. 

Etude house - color my brows in natural brown 
On days when I feel like lightening my brows without having to bleach/dye them
this comes in really handy and does the job well for such a good price! 

Etude house - Soft Cream Puff 
Substitute for a beauty blender except for the rubbery smell during the first few uses. 

Etude house - Wonder Pore Freshner 
Best deal so far, value for money
for the price I paid, I got a huge bottle of product (500ml) 
For those people who prefer toners with alcohol (like myself) 
this is a great option. I feel that it tones and leaves my skin feeling clean after each usage. 

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask
 Heard many good reviews about this and had to try it out.
Loved the consistency and the exfoliating factor. 
Always so tempted to eat it every time I use it because it really is so sugary 
(but no please don't eat it)

My favourite find in this haul!!!
Borghese Fango active mud mask.
A jar of goodness.

This I have to rave about 
as this mask really sucks out all the gunk in your pores
You would be able to see all the oils being cleansed from your pores after the mask dries.
I use it 1-2 times a week. 
5/5 stars!!! 

Last but not least
April Skin Magic Stone
100% natural cleansing soap 
I love how it cleanses my skin but still keeps it balanced
and it's really affordable, what a steal! 
Totally digging the bar stone like form of the soap and I usually use this as my night cleanser.

Get S$15 off your first purchase on Hermo @ www.hermo.sg/get15off

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