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Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

 Always excited to work with PrivĂ© as their service and skills are top notch
and I always feel that I'm in good hands when I visit them. 

So it's been about a year since I last visited them,
and I felt that it's about time to get a filler touch up. 
And where else to go then Privé Clinic,
especially when Dr Karen Soh is the one performing the procedures. 

Dr Karen Soh has years of experience and strives to
help people look and feel their best at every stage of their lives.
She is definitely my go-to doctor, highly recommend! 

As usual, efficient Privé staff will carry on with the numbing 30mins prior the procedure
so that minimal pain/irritation would be felt. They would also advice you to take
an anti bruising/ swelling medication that I find really effective so far.

This time, I wanted a little more definition to my nose
and a slightly sharper chin for an overall more balanced look. 
As I find the bottom of my chin to be a little flat and my nose bridge is not 100% even.
(sorry, can't help it, as of course all women are vain to a certain extent :D)

Using Radiesse® which provides a more defined shape and lift and
can last 6 months - 1 year depending on individual. 
Radiesse® also stimulates your skin's own regeneration abilities – 
new collagen is produced over the following weeks and months, making your skin stronger and more elastic.
Radiesse® treatment results are long-lasting, but not permanent.

This picture was taken right after the procedure,
as you can see minimal swelling, redness or bruising as Dr Soh is really very skilled. 
Everything just looks so sharp and defined, Dr Soh knew exactly what I wanted. 
But don't worry, the fillers will set in a few days and you'll look much more natural.
Pain factor: 2.5/10

Overall, I'm super satisfied with the treatment 
and you'll be amazed how much difference enhancing certain features can make. 
I'm much more confident now with any angle, bring on the selfies!

 The fillers settled in really nicely, just the right amount of definition I needed :) 
Loving it so far all thanks to:
Privé Clinic
390 Orchard Road #03-03 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871
Tel: 6737 6639
Mon-Fri: 10am to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday and PH: Closed



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