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My Acne Experience
Sunday, July 10, 2016.

So, I've thought quite long when will be the right time to release this post. Just because I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to show this 'side' of me to the internet. Everyone has insecurities and the media now demands so much perfection from an individual it gets pressurising if one happens to fall below the bar. But after my long battle with hormonal acne, till the progress I've made with my skin today. I felt like it's only right I share my experience to help any other person who is going through stubborn acne.

My case started around a year ago, when I started to discover little bumps forming at the side of my face. These little bumps seemed harmless at first but oddly, they did not go away but instead started to 'erupt' and get worse, spreading from the bottom of my jaw upwards. It was weird because for my whole life, I never had any acne issues, the most I would get was 1 or 2 breakouts when my period was around the corner. These pimples would easily go away with a dosage of OXY10. Did you know that breakouts at different areas means different things? 

I started to do some research on the possible factors causing my sudden breakouts as I did not do any major changes to my diet or products I'm using. Therefore, after cross referencing multiple sources, hormonal acne was the number one suspect. I tried tons of acne products and even resorted to antibiotics but none of them really worked. The antibiotics just made me feel sick and ill. 

After much consideration, I decided to pay Simplistiq Aesthetic Clinic a visit, as they seemed to be pretty experienced in this field of acne. I was introduced to Dr. Yz Tan and he suggested that the Q-switch laser would help me with my current condition. At this point, I was willing to try anything to make these awful bumps go away. Dr. Tan was very approachable and clear with the procedure which made me feel at ease with every following visit. One memorable phrase, was when he said:

"I will definitely heal your skin"

with such confidence, I was like o0 sure or not for a moment 
but after looking at the results from the past 5 laser sessions
I'm sure he wasn't pulling my leg. 

so depressing overtime I see it, can't believe my face was like that, gosh. 

Q-switch laser is not magic, you won't get perfect skin in one session. Several sessions would be needed depending on your skin type, once every 3 weeks for optimal results. Each session lasts for about 15 - 30 mins and the laser feels like tiny zaps or rubber band snapping (as Dr. Tan describes it) 

Pain/discomfort level: 3.5/10

Your skin will look a little flushed after each session but the redness will quickly go away in approximately 1 day. It lightens existing blemishes and kills the bacteria that cause acne. So it's been about 6 months since my first laser and looking back, I'm pretty impressed with my progress. Images below: no makeup, no edit.
I just took this picture this morning when I woke up as a reference for my progress and I was like Woah, not bad leh. No more huge cyst filled acne and all I'm left with are faint blemishes that are 20% visible. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Even James said, my skin condition has improved. So happy. 

Also, do note that this progress is also achieved by eating right, good skin care and being healthy. I've been taking extra good care of my skin and trying to eat right and hydrate!! 

If you're interested to try out this procedure, 
you can get your first trial at $50 :) 

Feel free to ask me any questions on my acne journey. 

Find out more information on Simplistiq 



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