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Testing my dogs' intelligence
Friday, July 8, 2016.

Always wanted to know how smart my furkids were,
chanced upon this mini test on the wide internet 
and decided to give it a whirl, spontaneously documenting 
the process of the test out! 

Pretty, surprised how it turned out because
on most days, Milky would be the super obedient, smart and 
all rounder dog and Rocket would just be a handful, 
almost like a mischievous 3 year old kid running around. 

Nevertheless, it's always a joy hanging out with them
and I always ask myself, what did humans do right to deserve 
such loving and loyal companions :,)

Fun Facts: 
1) Papillon ranks 8 overall on the breed intelligence ranking, 
while a Dachshund ranks 49

2) Dachshunds are known to be the top 10 naughtiest and stubborn dogs

3) Petting and interacting with a furry animal can reduce stress 

Off to pet my dawgs - over & out x 

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