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Browtisan's Brow Artistry Gala
Monday, August 22, 2016.

I've been getting my brows done with Browtisan for the past 2 years now
and I love how their eyebrow embroidery is so natural and long lasting. 

So Browtisan invited me down for their annual event at Orchard Ion
to be their live demonstration model that day.
 I gladly agreed as I was due for a brow touchup soon anyway :)

So this was the before shot, where my brows look pretty uneven 
(as I really don't do anything to maintain them hahaha) 
and the colour on the inner parts of my brows has faded a little. 

Coco redefined my brows and did a quick touch up for my during the live demonstration. 
Being the skilful practitioner that she is, she was able to 
steadily complete the procedure in front of all the shoppers in Ion Orchard!

Within 15 mins, I got a set of fresh new brows.
You can see the intricate individual strokes made for a thicker and more defined brow. 

Thank you Coco! 
Another good brow day 

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