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Kohepets goodies!
Thursday, November 24, 2016.

Christmas came early for Milky!
Boy, was he excited too see all his goodies from Kohepets
He didn’t even wait and jumped right into it. 

Decided to get a new doggie bed for him as his current one is getting old
and I must say, this is his favourite bed so far. 
The material is really soft and the whole bed is washable! 

I got a ton of treats for him as he is a super greedy boy 
and would do anything for food. 
So far he really enjoys the dental chews and they keep him busy chewing for quite awhile.

Basically burying his face in his new bed hahahah totally adorbs

Milky has really long fur so showering once a week with the right shampoo & conditioner is a must
I really like how these 2 products smell the shampoo is eucalyptus and peppermint 
while the conditioner is jojoba and lavender scent! 
I must say the conditioner really makes his fur silky smooth, love it :D 

Also got a super absorbent towel to dry him up after baths,
this towel really soaks up moisture and his fur dries so much faster.
Today might just be his happiest day of his life!

They have a huge range of products on their website and I was spoilt for choices. 
It's really a one spot webpage for all your pet needs.
Delivery was super fast and they bothered to check with me if I would be home before delivering (Y)

Shop with them

Instagram: @kohepets

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