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Fujifilm Instax Square Sq10 + Fujifilm X-T20
Friday, September 8, 2017.

Watch to witness the X-T20 in 4K:


Featuring my new camera from Fujifilm, the X-T20

Personally loving the semi-vintage bodykit of the camera along with it's compact frame which makes it easy to bring around unlike a full on huge DSLR. It also allows you to switch up to various lenses for photographers who are keen on achieving different shots. I like to experiment and play around with lenses as they really do alter the whole look and feel of an image. I'll not being going deep into all that geeky specs of the camera as you can easily google it up but I'll share with you my experience thus far with the X-T20 :)

First thing I noticed was that the colours in this camera are pretty on point! It makes your pictures look vibrant and 'alive' with every click of the shutter. Not much editing is needed as your pictures already turn out looking professional even in the auto-mode. The focus is crisp and almost gives your pictures that HDR vibe. 

It also does well in close up shots, capturing every detail and subtlety blurring the background for that depth of field. My favourite aspect of this camera has got to be the colour and tone of every image it manages to capture, the pictures seem to look better than what I'm viewing with my own eyes in real life.

Of course, a must have criteria in a camera I own is that it has to be able to take awesome #ootd shots
Seeing how the pictures have turned out so far, it definitely scores high points in the #ootd arena.
I find the exposure dial really useful because I can easily decide the brightness of my picture simply by adjusting the dial. 
I usually like to shoot in +1/+2 exposure has I like my pictures to be slightly brighter, letting more light come in. 

It also has a tilt screen to view the shot that you're trying to capture at odd angles (for example, for this low shot of my heels simply tilt the screen up to easily frame your shot). I've also noticed that the camera performs well in high ISO shots without the pictures looking grainy and that's a plus point for shooting in low light areas. Bumping up the ISO to 1600 is no feat for the X-T20 as it still manages to produce quality shots. All in all, the camera is easy to shoot with (it might take a little getting used to if you're switching over from another camera brand but read the manual and you'll be good to go) and the compact size makes it great for travel or bringing around in your bag (plus it has wifi - so you'll be able to get your images on-the-go!)


Finally, square instax has hit the market!!! I can't express how excited I am as I've always wished for my instax pictures to be in square format. I feel that it somehow makes the whole instant capturing and printing experience more authentic for me, you know that old school feel? Hi-5 if you get me ;) Can we just take a moment to admire how sleek the sq10 looks? I'm in love... 

You can also finally have more control over the images with the ability to adjust brightness, add the intensity of a vignette and even play around with the 10 built-in filters! You can also store around 50 images to the camera's internal memory (and add a microSD card for further storage) so your images will never be lost after a single snap. You can also print multiple pieces for your friends now with the sq10 (anyone remembers how only 1 person in a group could keep that single good polaroid because there was only 1 good shot???) This will never happen again :D

 Obsessed with the shots I've taken so far

 The perfect way of freezing memories in a frame x 


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