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Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

Weekends are obviously your favourite time of the week and what better way to spend it on a short getaway
with your friends or family! I got a chance to finally experience being onboard the new Dream Cruise and I’ll
be sharing my experience with you guys in this post! If you’re much more of a visual creature, feel free to
watch my vlog above for a record of what happened during this past 3 days with my girlfriends!

The ship is massive! You can spot it from a mile away and there’s plenty of space to roam about.
Exploring every nook and cranny of a new ship is one of my favourite things to do while onboard :)
The facilities are new and well equipped as you can see they even have water slides, jacuzzis and even
a flying fox! The activities you can do during your time there is endless and there would never be a dull moment.

We swiftly checked-in to our Palace Suite and was guided to our room by our butler so we wouldn’t get lost!
Residents of the palace suite have a 24hr butler at your service to cater to your every need.
The suite is almost 2 times bigger than the standard rooms I’ve stayed in before on a cruise ship.
Definitely very spacious and luxurious, you totally don’t feel that you’re on a boat!

 Would highly recommend this room if you want to spend some romantic time with your special someone
or if you have kids as there would be ample space for them to run around, especially with a huge balcony.

There’s even closet space and a dressing table with great lighting for makeup ;)
                           Best thing is that the bathroom comes with a bathtub and that really seals the deal for me! 

Sunrises and sunsets on the ships are to die for so be sure not to miss it!
Various on-going classes are also conducted around the clock so if you’re into Yoga, Zumba or even Taiji
Simply just check out their class and event timings.

Don’t forget to try out the waterslides and take a soak in the pools while enjoying the endless oceanic horizon :)

If you prefer the indoors, you can opt for bowling, arcade or try hitting Zouk Beach Club ;D

During the stop over at Bintan, you can try out various activities too like water sports.
We chose to go for ATV riding and it was super fun! No regrets x
Simply sign up for their shore excursions and let your hair down for the weekend!

 For Palace guests, you have way more perks. The following areas are specially sectioned off for palace guests only.
So if you’re not that into crowds, you would love the exclusivity and privacy of being a palace guest!

 As you can see, I can easily snap shots without being photobombed as the public are not allowed in here 
and you can only enter the premises by using your palace card.

So zen and chill! Imagine laying here with a good book without being interrupted by your daily woes and issues~

Of course I had to seize the opportunity to snap an ootd since the sun was setting and the skyline was breathtaking.
(Not a fake sky okay, didn’t photoshop that in. Just simply increased the saturation!)

 The palace guests also have their very own dining area so you don’t have to squeeze with the rest of the guests.
I recall during lunch time, the restaurants were almost full and you even had to make a reservation in advance to dine at some of the restaurants but we could dine here anytime we wanted without having to queue, yay!

The food selection is also great and you can ask to see what dishes are off the buffet menu too

WiFi is also complimentary for Palace guests, that was why I still could update and use social media
during my 3 days onboard. No worries from being disconnected from the world!

Cheers to my enjoyable weekend ;D

For more details do check out:

Back with Browtisan for the 4th time!
Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

For those of you who have been following me for the past few years,
you would know that I have been getting my brows embroidered at Browtisan for the past 4 years.
Oh how time flies! Each embroidery lasts for 1 - 2 years so you get to change your brow shape or design
after 1 - 2 years if you wanna try something different or if trends happen to change :)

Browtisan has also expanded during this period and opened a new outlet at Plaza Singapura!
I took this opportunity to visit their new outlet and got my brows done there.

The new outlet also reflects the same classy, romantic European design as the original outlet.
You’ll feel like royalty sitting in these fancy comfortable chairs Coco specially picked to furnish her shop.

So here’s a close up look of my brows before I got my embroidery done.
You can see that at some areas it’s a little sparse and the old embroidery has pretty much faded.
No worries about the embroidery fading though as it fades to a very natural brown :)

As usual the session starts with 30 mins of numbing so you won’t feel any discomfort during the process.
I must say the numbing cream Browtisan uses is really effective as the numbing effect is really strong!
A plastic film is applied over the cream to help it’s effects last longer. At this point, you might want to bring
along some entertainment or work to do as you’ll have 30 mins to spare.

After numbing, your therapist will then proceed to design your desired brow shape by drawing strokes to
indicate where the embroidery strokes would be. I choose a straight brow look as I find that
it helps soften my angular features and not so much of a RBF haaha

The embroidery process takes about 15 - 20 mins, you can choose to fall asleep at this point and wake up
to beautiful brows. My therapist was extremely gentle and caring to make sure I didn’t feel any pain.
Honestly, it was super bearable like a 2/10 so no worries!

This pic was taken a few hours after the procedure, no down time at all!
I still could go have dinner and people didn’t notice anything weird about my brows ;)
Loving how intricate the embroidery turned out to be and really gave my brows a lot of definition.

You’ll have to take good care of your brows after the treatment and avoid scrubbing or letting them touch water.
Scabbing will occur but just let them be. This pic was taken 4 days after, you can see some scabbing occurring and that’s totally normal.

Each session comes with a complimentary touch up which you can utilise after a month if any areas are uneven after
the scabbing is fully completed. Touch ups are advisable for a more defined and longer lasting
embroidery. Tadah! Finally brow game strong all thanks to Browtisan :D


402 Orchard Road
#03-17 Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876

Contact : 6235 2355

Hours : Mon-Fri: 11-8.30pm 
Sat: 10-7pm Sun: 10-6pm 
Closed on Public Holidays

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #06-14
 Singapore 238839

Contact : +65 6909 1688

Hours : Mon-Fri: 11-9pm Sat: 10-7pm
Sun & Public Holidays: 10-6pm
Email: concierge@browtisan.com




Friday, June 1, 2018.

Watch now for my full experience of ordering a box mattress!

If you guys didn’t know by now, I gave my room a little makeover and finally got the bed of my dreams! Swapped by old super single bed with this majestic queen sized bed from Noa Sleep and I’m living each day with no regrets :D Here I picked out the Noa Sunrise Bed and Noa Mattress. 

Getting my hands on my new bed was super easy as I simply ordered it online and it was delivered to my doorstep within 3-4 days with no delivery charge. The best way to know whether you’ll like a mattress is to sleep on it. Therefore, Noa provides the risk-free 100 night trial. If the mattress is just not right for you, you can simply let them know and they will coordinate a free pickup no questions asked. So I had no worries at the back of my head as I knew if the mattress wasn’t to my liking, I could simply return it and get my money back J

Some facts about the Noa Mattress that may benefit you in your mattress selection process:

            ● The Noa mattress combines 100% natural latex, cooling memory foam and supportive pocket springs.
            ●  It’s a medium-firm mattress made for all body types and sleeping positions. 
            ● Based on my research, many foam only mattresses typically retain heat, create a sinking-like feeling, lack bounce and proper support. In contrast, the hybrid design which blends both premium foam and responsive springs makes the Noa truly special.
            ● The mattress is made using OEKO TEX® and REACH certified materials. 
            ● The support layer of pocket springs optimizes airflow which keeps you cool all night. 
            ● The gel infused memory foam layer provides outstanding motion isolation for zero      partner disturbance. No need to worry about your partner moving during the night. 

So far, it’s been 2 weeks since I did my bed swap and I have no complaints! Glad to have discovered Noa Sleep and got a chance to try out their products. Sleep gets so much better with comfortable bedding and my pal and I are truly enjoying it J

For more details visit: https://www.noasleep.com

@noasleep #noasleep

Achieve Perfectly Hydrated Skin with Lululun Moist Gel Cream
Friday, March 16, 2018.

Fresh out of the oven and newly launched exclusively at Watsons stores, your all time favourite daily masking brand is back with a dainty moisturizer! By now, you all must be familiar with the No. 1 selling Japanese facial sheets Lululun, that took the internet and stores by storm. If you enjoyed that, I’m sure you’ll be interested in this new product I’ll be sharing about today. On first impressions, this sturdy light pink frosted glass tub fits right into the palm of my hand topped with a sleek embossed aluminium cover which compliments each other oh-so-visually. This tub contains a generous amount of product (80g) which will surely last you for quite sometime.

Inside the tub sits a bouncy fluffy like textured cream waiting anxiously to be used. A whiff of fresh and light floral citrusy scent can be picked up immediately once the jar is opened. Upon sticking a spatula or your fingers in to grab some product you’ll realise the consistency somewhat mimics a moist soft mochi and the product almost seems weightless like whipped cream. Lululun’s Moist Gel Cream contains Micro Gel structure technology which encapsulates beauty essence in a gel like form. Although it feels like a gel it is actually a cream.

The gel cream is semi-translucent and seems vey eager to be absorbed into the skin once the product comes into contact with the skin’s surface. Diving deeper into understanding Lululun’s Moist Gel Cream, there are 3 main beauty ingredients that are combined for healthy, firm, and glowing skin in this product:

For Repair and Regeneration
Passion fruit seed essence (maracuyá) is extracted via cold press from passion fruit seeds (maracuyá) The fruit is collected in the Amazon and is full of nutrients such as tocopherol and beta carotene that support the skin’s ability to reduce scars and regenerate.

Barrier Function
Natural extract derived from microorganisms native to French Polynesia that create the barrier component EPS (extracellular polysaccharide). This ingredient has an antioxidant effect, enhancing the barrier function of the skin to protect from UV rays, and suppress damage by free radicals.

Long-term Moisture and Anti-inflammation
Obtained from the cactus plant, the cactus extract contains high moisturizing effect that lasts whole day even after washing with water. The extract is an elastic and glossy component that has a calming effect on skin inflammation. How great is that!

How To Use
Step 1: Cleanse your face and put on Lululun Daily Mask for 10 minutes
Step 2: Remove mask and apply Lululun Moist Gel to entire face
Step 3: Massage gel into your skin

I personally love the texture and scent of the Lululun Moist Gel Cream. It’s super lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin, leaving my skin looking smooth and hydrated. Fine lines are visibly reduced and dry patches are soothed. What’s interesting is that this gel cream leaves a cooling sensation on my face thus I feel fresh and awakened after each application. My skin is left looking glowing, dewy and healthy with no sticky residue. You can choose to use it below your makeup in the day by applying a thin layer to moisturize your skin prior makeup. I find that it helps my makeup last longer and look less cakey. During the night, if you’re looking to replenish moisture into your skin after a long day, consider using the product more generously as an overnight mask before you head to bed J This product is suitable for dry to combination skin and works well in Singapore’s weather!

If you’re looking for something affordable (and cute), lightweight and packed with goodness for your skin, remember to grab yours today at your nearest Watsons before they get swept off the shelves!

For a limited time only, receive a FREE packet of Lululun Hydrating Face Mask (worth $7.90) with seven sheets of masks inside when you purchase the Lululun Moist Gel Cream ($29.90) valid till 28th March 2018. Be beautiful, stay hydrated and get glowing

Explore the links below for more details:
Website – http://lululun.com

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